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Living on Sirca

by tom_the_wagon

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Chapter 5: Night Watch

The three sat on the floor as Raymond handed over two of the spiked tea before taking one for himself. Tom was the first to open and sip it.
"It's actually pretty good, I was expecting maybe something bad about it, but it's fairly pleasing." Tom said he continued to drink the tea as the other two cracked open the drinks, Kokobiel being the next to drink it.
"Eh, I've had better before but it'll do for the time being"
Kokobiel said Raymond began to drink his, he had drank them before so he was used to the taste of it.
It mostly tasted like tea with a slight hint of some sort of cider, it did have the same thing as an alcohol being hard on its way down. Tom laid back against the bed as he sipped on the tea, his body relaxing as the alcohol entered his system.
"I could drink these on a good night out, better than the taste of alcohol" Tom said clearly enjoying them.
"See they are good, someone just has really high standards, '' Raymond said, looking over at Kokobiel.
Kokobiel rolled his eyes, continuing to drink the tea fairly quickly before crushing the can and getting another out.
"Hey don't drink 'em that fast, I can't go out and buy more. Most stores are closed." Raymond said, the site of another can being grabbed and opened. Kokobiel huffed "you'll be fine, plus i bet you're a light drinker and won't even be able to handle two of 'em." Kokobiel said.

"Can we please not argue over the drinks, we are trying to relax while we can." Tom said, trying to be the voice of reason, neither exactly listened, both glaring at each other in spite.
"I will drink as much as I like," Kokobiel said.
"I paid for them!" Raymond retorted back at what Kokobiel said, sneering at him. They both bared their teeth at each other snarling.
"We are not animals, shut the fuck up both of you!" Tom yelled at them, he ended up smacking both firmly both stopping their fierceness, processing the smack.
"You act like children fighting over a damn stick, we will enjoy our night and get drunk. Now shake hands!" Tom said, his voice commanding. The two chupas looked at each other before reaching out a hand and shaking.
"Now that wasn't so hard was it." Tom said, happy with the conclusion.
"I will put you in a chokehold next time you slap me." Kokobiel said.
"And I'll cut off your tail." Raymond added. Both were glaring at Tom as he made a face of nervousness as he sipped his drink. They were both serious about that threat and Tom knew it.

"So Kokobiel, how'd you end up in spec ops?" Raymond asked, he was always the curious one. Kokobiel took a moment to think about it, clearly he was never asked this before.
"I mean i'm fairly large, so maybe muscle mass or possibly due to my amazing looks." Kokobiel replied with a grin coming across his face.
"I mean you may not be entirely wrong on either of those statements but what's the reason you decided to do spec ops?" Raymond said clearly he was intrigued in Kokobiels background.
"Hmm I guess it's because being basic infantry would be boring." Kokobiel replied, he didn't sound exactly sure about it but that's the best they will probably get.
The three continue to drink, having basic small talk until Tom brings up a topic.
"Who's the worst person you've slept with?" Tom said, truly he meant this as in who was horrible to sleep next too the others took it the other way.
"Probably this one dude who was constantly into himself and could only ever talk about himself." Kokobiel replied to Tom's question.
"One time I had a dude get wrapped up in the sheets and couldn't tell he was shagging the sheets and not me." Raymond said, his eyes rolling thinking back on it.
"No wait, the worst I've slept with was a gal who just didn't shower too often and just made it hard to do anything with her." Kokobiel added to his previous statement.
"Like a general smell or just certain parts?" Raymond asked.
"General smell, she irradiated a smell and would leave the air gagging behind her." Kokobiel said, answering Raymond's question. Tom didn't realize how he had phrased his question but went along with it listening to their stories.
"What about you Tom?" Kokobiel asked, turning his head towards him.
"Oh I've never actually slept with anyone that way, I did share plenty of beds so would that count?" Tom said clearly he was either telling the truth or was very dumb.
"I guess it counts but I don't believe that you've had to do it at least once." Kokobiel said.

"Nope, not once, completely clean!" Tom replied, now going back to sipping on his tea trying to ignore the interrogation. The two looked at Tom in curiosity trying to figure out whether or not that's the truth, he did sound genuine about it.
"Then why'd you ask the question?" Raymond asked.
"You guys took it the wrong way, I meant it in the literal sense." Tom said.
"What other way could you mean it!" Kokobiel yelled, getting up off the floor, looking down at Tom.
"Because I don't think that way you weirdos!" Tom yelled back. Both huffed at each other, turning their heads away from the other. Raymond opened another tea sipping on it as he stared at the two.
"You should make out now," Raymond said, trying to start something.
"W-what, hell no I'm not doing that!" Tom being the first to reply.
"I'm not kissing that ugly mug, you just want to see two men kiss!" Kokobiel yelled at Raymond, giving a snarl at him. Raymond chuckled at them before bursting out laughing and falling backwards. The two looked at him, faces scrunched up and Kokobiel snarling at him.
"You guys look hilarious after that, can't just take a joke you bimbletins." Raymond said, catching his breath and sitting back up. Kokobiel stopped his snarling before chuckling slightly as Tom looked at him in confusion.
"Now you're laughing about this!" Tom yelled at Kokobiel clearly he hadn't expected this turn out. Kokobiel continued to laugh as it got more intense, the expression of anger had faded away replaced with humor.
"I'm just thinking about it now and how stupid it is," Kokobiel said, his words caught in his laugh. Tom continued to look at him in confusion, clearly his brain hadn't figured out what was funny about it.

There was nothing exactly funny about it but the alcohol had already gone through their system, it made everything seem ten times funnier. Soon enough all three were laughing as they tried to sip on their drinks, Tom having to set his drink down as he tried to breath, laying back and shutting his eyes as he tried to concentrate. When he opened his eyes, he was in one of the beds unable to move. He had only shut his eyes for a moment but now his head throbbed and it was still somewhat dark. He tried to move, nudging whatever was atop of him trying to push it off. There was a groan before Kokobiel rolled off of him, at some point in the night Kokobiel must have got atop of him and fell asleep. A few seconds after Kokobiel rolled off of him there was a loud thump before a pained groan. Tom sat up to look down at him, he was rubbing his head grumbling in anger. Tom looked back up, looking over to his left there was Raymond, clearly they all ended up in the same bed and somehow managed to fit. Kokobiel laying atop of him probably helped with that fact.
"What time is it?" Kokobiel asked, still on the floor.

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