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The Reds

Pfc. R. Simmons
breed: shi'a, canis-equus
sex: male
color: maroon
physique: thin
likes: positive reinforcement
can't stand: laziness; getting passed over

When Simmons joined the military, he hoped to serve under the best and bravest leaders the Red Cobra Army had to offer. Instead, he got stuck in a box canyon with the worst and the laziest. Simmons copes with the hopeless situation by appealing to his commanding officer, Sarge, at every opportunity in hopes of a promotion (or at least a transfer.)

Pvt. D. Grif
breed: shi'a, felis-leporidae
sex: male
color: I keep telling everyone, it's orange
physique: chubby
likes: getting scratched under the chin, but don't tell anyone about that
can't stand: work; activities related to or resembling work

Grif had to be dragged into the army tooth and nail, as both his conscription officer and his living room sofa learned the hard way. As a member of the least competant unit of an army that couldn't care less about defending the least strategic canyon in the world, Grif gets by doing as little as possible, and he aspires to one day do the same on his old couch at home.

Pvt. F. Donut
breed: shi'a, felis-catus
color: lightish-red
sex: not a girl
physique: slender
likes: a hot cup of tea; anything lilac-scented
can't stand: sticky fur; stereotyping

Donut's free-spirited nature and less-than-red appearance tends to get him pinned with some unfair labels (such as "girlie," and "cupcake," and "please put your pants back on.") Although not the brightest in the intelligence department, Donut is an enduring optimist who can add a light note to any situation (or hit a high note when Sarge calls for him to "scream like a woman" in battle.)

breed: fi'la, canis-bison
sex: male
color: amaranth
physique: stocky
likes: shotguns; the blood of his enemies
can't stand: dirty blues; orange and orange accessories

Red Team's wily sergeant has been fighting for the glory of the Red Army in the back woods of Sirca's eastern territories, where he's gained a reputation for devising elaborately insane traps as well as being able to drink a gallon of hot mustard in under two minutes. While he's managed to catch twenty-six opossums and reign as the hot mustard champion at Lactan's Fort Crimson, Red Command felt that Sarge would better serve as the commander of outpost BGO-1 in Timae. Despite the canyon base's remote position, Sarge has been striving to get his small team into the thick of the war ever since.

The Blues

Pfc. L. Tucker
breed: shi'a, felis-catus
sex: hell yeah
color: turquoise
physique: big things come in small packages, baby
likes: pretty girls and/or a fine piece of tail
can't stand: cock-blockers; mustard

Tucker won't talk much about how he got into the Blue Falcon Army, although if asked, he'll tell you it's all part of his grand plan to pick up chicks. Despite not meeting a single female since he's been stationed at Blue Base under Capt. Flowers, Tucker remains hopeful that his luck with the ladies (or any lady, at all, really) will turn around.

Pvt. L. Church
breed: fi'la, canis-lupus
sex: male
color: maya blue
physique: big-boned, goddamnit
likes: a full stomach; some peace and freaking quiet
can't stand: everyone in his unit; everyone in the other unit, too

Church makes his living in the army being miserable. When he's not being harassed by the enemy, he's constantly annoyed by his teammates, and since the death of their captain, Church has felt responsible for holding the survivors together in some semblance of a squad. The only thing that seems to cheer him up is the slim chance of getting out of this war with (what's left of) his team alive.

Pvt. M. Caboose
breed: fi'la, canis-infans
sex: male
color: persian blue
physique: I got my first 'A' in P.E.
likes: any attention, positive or negative; cookies
can't stand: burnt toast; energy drinks

Although Caboose scored well and above most of the other Blue recruits in fitness, speed and stamina, his intelligence marked so far below the bar that his superiors couldn't trust him with the operation of a basic firearm (as well as certain kitchen utensils.) When they attempted to deploy him as a scout instead, Caboose nearly sabotaged his entire squad in an accident only referred to on his record as, "sneaking time." Eventually he was transferred to a remote box canyon in the hope to contain the private's well-intended mishaps--or at least, keep them as far away from the front lines as possible.

Bunny S. Lops III
species: Bunolagus quadlops
sex: male
color: brown
physique: small 'n fluffy
likes: grass, carrots, table scraps
can't stand: loud noises, predators

After being captured in the woods between the warring Red and Blue bases, Mr. Bunnylops is now Caboose's pet and a general pest around Blue Base. His daily mission is to dig through the bottom of the garbage can in the kitchen for scraps, and not get caught and/or eaten by his mortal enemy, Church. The preferred method for cooking and seasoning Mr. Bunnylops is classified.

The Rest

breed: ???
sex: I don't even want to know, seriously
color: shadowy
physique: scary
likes: evil
can't stand: do-gooders

Dark and aloof, the omnipotent Omega reigns over the ring-world from his citadel in the ice-locked valley of Kaprime. In his capital city, Omegrad, Omega's loyal high priests dictate the law and run the House of Omega, the church dedicated to his worship. As the god and king of all chupas, Omega is both revered and deeply feared by his people, and his wrath has been known to obliterate entire armies.
It is said that Omega's house has many dark secrets...

Agent South
breed: fi'la, felis-equus
sex: female
color: orchid
physique: tall
likes: body art
can't stand: werewolves

South is a freelancer, an agent under contract with the Red and Blue armies to bring her special skills to the battlefield. Although her aloof and caustic manner leave much to be desired, she is not to be underestimated in a fight (especially by anyone calling her a girl.) After losing her brother to a "werewolf," South has lived for vengeance.

breed: shi'a, canis-felis
sex: male
color: purple
physique: slim
likes: herbal remedies
can't stand: conflict, energy drinks

After running away from the family business of mining iron in Qoppa and flunking the MCAT hard enough to disgrace at least three of his ancestors, Frank Dufrense resigned to joining the army as a conscientous objector. Not entirely sure where to place such a wash-out of a recruit (especially since he's neither exactly red nor blue), the military put him on loan to both armies as a medic. He received the moniker "Doc" in boot camp, yet after the gruesome fates of his first dozen patients, the nickname stuck more out of irony than anything. Nonetheless, Doc optimistically embraces the opportunity to help his comrades--even if that only means helping them bleed less quickly to death.

breed: shi'a, felis-leporidae
sex: booyah!
color: yellow
physique: thic(k)
likes: reality shows, popsicles, other things to suck
can't stand: Cindy from boot camp, that chatty bitch

Leaving her family business in the circus behind, Sister joined the army in order to find her long-enlisted brother. Initially posted in Blarganthia, she left her unit and stole aboard a train in order to follow a lead towards her sibling's far-flung outpost. The officer investigating her AWOL status couldn't discover any clues to follow afterward, though all the men working the train grinned strangely when she was mentioned...

species: Acerodon unggoy
sex: male
color: that's racist
physique: scrawny
likes: piercings, tattoos, hard lemonade
can't stand: prudes, pedants

Andee belongs to one of the many tribes of bat people living within the honeycomb labyrinth of Sirca's interior. His knack for finding trouble (and then vigorously insulting its momma) put him in close contact with the "surface dwellers" that rule the ring-world. Eventually he won the trust of the chupas of the Movement, becoming a guide and translator for them. Andee has mastery of at least three languages, if his claim to "vulgarese" holds weight.

breed: fi'la, canis-cervidae
sex: female
color: brown
physique: buxom
likes: knives & swords, bubble baths, sea salt ice cream
can't stand: bullying

Going straight from an orphanage in Wortistan to the army at the age of thirteen, Agent Connecticut was then brought into special forces by a recruiter that was just as impressed by her integrity and sense of justice as her skill with a blade. It was that same sense of justice that later led her to defect from the Freelancer Division, once she learned what its Director was doing with Project Werewolf. Now serving the Movement, she retains her agent code name "CT," and only permits her closest friends to call her by her given name.

breed: fi'la, canis-bison
sex: male
color: tan
physique: muscular
likes: working out, smooth jazz, pulp novels
can't stand: dress codes

After getting arrested for burglarizing a rich neighborhood via a string of extravagant-yet-clever techniques, York was afforded a chance to skip the ugly conscription process and go straight into special forces. With his birth-name and criminal history expunged from government records, he was inducted into the Freelancer Division as Agent York and trained in advanced infiltration, although his real skills lie with his disarmingly genial personality. York wears a key pendant not only as a token of his training, but as a memento of a dear friend he lost to Freelancer's Project Werewolf.

breed: shi'a, felis-sciuridae
sex: male
color: grey
physique: short
likes: mysteries, coffee, small spaces
can't stand: crowds

Agent Washington learned to defend himself at an early age from bullies at the orphanage who thought his small size made him easy pickings. He was recruited next to CT into special forces, who trained with him on a variety of close-quarters combat techniques. Now they work together for the Movement, rallying forces against the Freelancer Division and its Director. Serious to a fault, Wash relies on his friends to keep up his sanity in an increasingly desperate three-sided war.

breed: shi'a, felis-pardus
sex: if you play your cards right
color: slate
physique: badass
likes: kicking ass, taking names, motorcycles
can't stand: snivelling

Bethany was born in Qoppa, where she developed a love for rock-climbing and bike racing on the rough terrain. Local boys who competed for her affection learned to respect her violent sense of humor (and the fists that came with it.) An accident during special forces training heralded her induction into the Freelancer Division, where she became Texas, their best-and-baddest agent. As she discovered, however, the Director has far more sinister plans than simply making super-soldiers...

Ashley Mills
breed: fi'la, canis-adustus
sex: female
color: grey
physique: scrappy
likes: graffiti, pop dramas, flying
can't stand: formalities

Ashley was abandoned in Stigma's inner city as a child, where she developed a foul mouth and the sort of shrewdness that barely kept her out of conscription. Her only ambition was to escape the slums and shoot for the skies - literally, scoring a job as a pilot for the Freelancer Division. She flew dropships for the Director's Freelancers until getting disenfranchised with their shadier projects. Ashe then joined the SSF, and used her sign-on bonus to establish an orphanage for war-torn children in Episemon. Her off-color method of child-rearing has raised plenty of eyebrows, yet she does well to impart her strong sense of justice on the "good little heathen-sucking bastards."

breed: ???
sex: female
color: white, purple & green
physique: dreamy
likes: being mysterious, singing, dancing
can't stand: rude awakenings

Not all things in dreams are what they seem
and not all dreams are things to be seen
but for every dream we meet, a memory he keeps.

Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Artwork and story by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.

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