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The Department of Chupapology

High Priestess of the House of Omega

As one of Omega's top priests, Myshu is entrusted with the House's most sensitive information, and tasked with the dissemination of only the vital facts to the population of Sirca at large.

She also enjoys writing and drawing comics, when she gets the chance.

Chris "Nero Maxim" Godwin
High Priest of the House of Omega

Nero serves Lord Omega as one of the House's top priests and consultants. In court, he wields the mighty Ban Hammer against all who defy the law.

He's known to only drink the blood of his enemies.

Lady Vossler
Social Photographer

Lady Vossler works for the sociology department as a photographer, where she takes pictures of chupas in their natural environment. She is occasionally called to assist in genetic research as well.

Among her many side-jobs are sponsoring young orphaned chupas for adoption, and assisting Myshu in drawing comics.

Head of the Chupapology Department / Lead Geneticist

Devil is charged by the House of Omega to dutifully research all the various strains of DNA of the chupadores, whose genetic malleability has not been properly documented (since new breeds are turning up every year or so.) Although much of his genetic research is classified, Devil is responsible for authenticating and documenting the various breeds of chupa that populate the world of Sirca.

Head of the Sociology Department / Lead Historian

Ember is responsible for researching, labelling and storing all data of chupapological relevance, whether it has biological, cultural, or historical import for all of Sirca. Ember will report her findings to the general public for educational purposes (provided her work is not censored by the House.) She is occasionally called upon by the chupapology department to advise in the understanding of newly discovered breeds.

Chupa Concept Artist and Amateur Geneticist

Formerly a courtroom artist in Omegrad, Liriana now assists the chupapology department by providing detailed sketches of new breeds as they're discovered. She works with Devil to provide accurate references for the department's many projects.

Omegite Acolyte

Juno assists High Priestess Myshu as a courtroom sketch artist, profiling court attendees for official Omegite records.

Off the record, she attends ceremonies for the Church of Church.

OV Specialist / Head Zoologist

As head of the OV Capture Team, it's Bio's job to bring in dangerous Omega-variant chupa breeds for study. He assists Devil in researching the OV's physical traits, self-defense mechanisms, and general attitude towards other living things.

He also works as a tour guide for a chupa real estate company on the side.

Headmaster of Mythology

Bensonator is responsible for archiving local and tribal myths across Sirca for further study by the department.

Wolf Spy
Master of Pretorian Lore

Wolf Spy specializes in the study of the ancient, vanished civilization of Pretora and the mythology that surrounds it.

Guardian of Shrines

When not managing Alpha Squad of the Sircan Special Forces, Hartley studies the lay of the land and the many secrets buried beneath. He also helps to maintain the many strange, angular shrines that dot the surface of the ring-world, their origins ancient and unknown.

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