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Living on Sirca

by tom_the_wagon

Sirca is a ring world currently going through a holy war. Our main character was traumatized by his past becoming a soldier seeking revenge upon a few those who took his home and family. Now he will leave a scar on the chupas like that of his own flesh.

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Chapter 1: Bunk Mates

The sound of a faucet is heard as it is quickly turned off, a medicine cabinet being shut as the mirror reveals a blue chupa with messy long hair as he wipes it out of the way of his eyes. The chupa wore a blank expression, a piercing on his left eye brow as he opened his maw inspecting his teeth, a visible tongue piercing. He picked up a toothbrush doing his normal after shower routine freshening himself up, turning around to the mirror. His back was covered in burn scars clearly from an accident with a fire, he turned back around now in his casual wear.

"Hey hurry up, briefing is soon," a voice yelled from the door, another soldier waiting outside for him. It was only basic training but he knew he would have to attend.
"Yeah I'm going hold your horses," he replied back, scoffing as he finished his sentence. Leaving the bathroom which opened into a hallway, another chupa stood in front of him as he left the restroom.

"We got only a couple minutes Greinger hurry up" the sand colored chupa replied as Tom nodded.
"Yeah I'm goin" Tom said as he began to head to the briefing room, where other chupas stood either of a similar color of him or a shade like it as well as a few whose fur color was not like that of red or blue, the rare dots of purple and a few others of different colors.

The sergeant that stood on a stage above them spoke up "Today you will be sent on your first assignments. Well most of you, some of yall have surpassed expectations and will be contacted soon, stand by for more info." Somewhere excited about this, others nervous Tom kept his blank expression thinking of whether or not he got accepted for special forces training, he would only be able to know a few days later after this briefing.

It's been three days after that briefing, Tom was now on a pelican flight landing at a secluded base in Blarganthia; it had an arid climate and was close to wortistan. As he unloaded his new commanding officer approached him a blue chupa in full uniform "Greinger, welcome to your new home for the next three weeks, as you know this will be your training period failing will result to you going back to infantry and on the front line, I hope you know this soldier." Tom turned and saluted the chupa
"Yes sir I have been informed of this" Tom said
"Good now get your shit inside and organize. We are currently in down time."
The commanding officer said as he turned back around heading towards the base as Tom followed behind going to his barracks, other chupas meandering and chatting as he got organized a few stares but to be expected for the new guy.

"Yo new guy" a turquoise chupa said from above Tom's bunk. Tom looked to see the chupa who had spoken to him, his bright blonde hair and small face with no piercings or scars looking at Tom in curiosity.
"Names Ramon, what's yours?" The turquoise chupa asked Tom
"Greinger" Tom replied in a blank voice turning back to his stuff unpacking his things.
"Greinger sounds like a last name, being formal is weird if you don't tell me your first name I'm going to give you a nickname something like shedhead probably." Ramon said in a sarcastic and humorous way Tom letting out a sigh.
"Its Tom please don't give me a weird nickname" Tom replied back in a way of begging and wishing not to be called an odd nickname.
"Alright Tom, nice to meet ya you're my bunkmate I hope that isn't too dreadful to ya"

"As long as you don't piss the bed I'll be fine, if not you're getting bottom bunk" Tom said as he finished putting up his stuff now standing looking at Ramon. Ramon had a short yet fit stature standing a head lower than Tom as he looked over Ramon he noticed scars on his hands fairly deep looking. "I haven't done that since I was a kid. I wouldn't worry about it" Ramon said, humoring himself as he sat up in his bunk in the casual wear the base had provided. Tom was handed one of these when walking to the barracks. "So what's your reason for being here? Surely you're not here just to be special forces or kill those that oppose blue force" Ramon said with the same face of curiosity as before as he asked the question. Tom took a moment to think about his answer. "Kinda wanna go to the freelancer core maybe H.A.D.E.S if they were to take me but that will only happen when recruitment day comes." Tom said not fully understanding what either did but he knew they had more freedom then most soldiers but were harder jobs.

"That's not what I meant, what's the true reason you're here?" Tom looked at Ramon confused for a moment before it clicked in his head. "I have nowhere else to go and I knew sooner or later I'd have to join eventually y'know serve your people and all that" Tom replied Ramon looking at his face with regret from asking, Tom taking note of his reaction saying. "It's fine to ask, it's normal and my parents died when I was young, you're fine". This was normal for Tom to bring up and it had been years since the incident and tries to bring it up in a more casual way not trying to make it seem dramatic. Ramons expression changed, relaxing but still had some discomfort in his face, this first day wouldn't be too bad.

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