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Living on Sirca

by tom_the_wagon

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Chapter 3: New assignment

Now returned back to the special operations headquarters the commanding officer had disciplined Raymon and Tom with cleaning duty before their next assignment. They also had double runs and less down time, once finally finished they sat in Tom's bunk, Raymon being too lazy to climb up his own bunk.
"I wish to just sit here for an hour, but I bet he's got more dumb shit for us" Raymon exclaimed, Tom nodding in agreement. As they sat there the commanding officer walked in as they both sighed in seeing him come in.
"Oh don't get your panties in a bunch I'm here to inform you about your new assignment. Since you can't be good at just sitting and watching, you will be assigned to a small town to survey any troops coming in or out. A warthog will be arriving soon to fill out the rest of the details. Dismissed" The commanding officer told them before swiftly turning around going back to the door before stopping.
"I forgot to tell you, you'll have a new squad mate joining you, be nice" the commanding officer said as he opened the door walking out.

"Well having a new squadmate won't be horrible, that just means another meat shield." Raymon said, getting up loading his bag with gear and supplies.
"Yeah that is true, wait what do you mean another meat shield!" Tom exclaimed, hearing the meat shield comment. Raymon froze for a moment before the beeping of a warthog could be heard.
"That must be our ride," Raymon said, leaving the room trying to get out of the convo. Tom sighed, taking his gear following behind Raymon, a warthog with a brown chupa sat in the lot, this must have been their driver and detailer. Both Tom and Raymon got in as the warthog started as the brown chupa began to drive.
"The small town that you are being sent to has shown high signs of red force activity as well as a few other groups, including the resistance. You will be tasked to take records on the influence they try to leave for the town, if the red force gets too heavy try and leave or lay low until occupation dies down. Your new squadmate will be meeting us at the drop off point, you will listen and follow his orders, that will be all." The brown chupa informed Tom and Raymon. The drive was a long one stopping right outside a town as both Tom and Raymon got out, the driver staying in before turning around and returning the way they came.

"He didn't describe our teammate or even give his name to us, who the hell are we looking for?" Tom asked, no one seemed to be around the area and they were told this would be the meet up point.
"Maybe we should wait a little while, maybe he's late?" Raymon said, not getting worked up over the late chupa. As they sat there eventually a chupa came from the town, he was fairly tall and had a large stature, being about the same height as tom with slightly more mass, his fur was a grayish color with a few highlights of black his mane a deep brown. Tom got up at the sight of him approaching the chupa, his face better visible, a scar ran down his left starting at his eyebrow, his eye had no cataract though so he wasn't blind.
"You must be our new squadmate, correct?" Tom asked as the chupa approached.
"That would be me, names Kokobiel, nice to meet ya" his voice was very southern when he spoke the accent being very deep it matched his face, gruff both in voice and in face.
"Im Raymon and this is Tom, we are both happy to meet you," Raymon said before Tom could respond to Kokobiel.
"Yes I have been informed about both of you, now let's go back to our living quarters. We aren't meant to be out here for this long" Kokobiel said, turning back around going towards the town.

The two blue chupas followed behind Kokobiel heading into town. The small town was fairly busy and fairly occupied, several red patrols went through the town going into buildings and different streets. The group went into a small hotel Kokobiel leading them up to a room, the place they would be staying for the next week.
"Not too shabby a bit tiny for my taste, but it shall work fine" Tom said as they entered the room, Tom just being glad to have a bed that didn't feel like wood.
"I totally agree on that" Raymon included with Tom's statement, he sat his stuff down on a bed and began to take a few things out. Tom sat his own things down unloading some clothes and binoculars.
"So what will we be doing specifically?" Tom asked, curious about their assignment.
"We'll mostly be seeing how many forces come through here on a weekly basis, or at least how many seem to come through." Kokobiel said, sitting down upon the couch, it sinking in upon his weight.
"That just sounds like our last assignment just longer, but I bet it will be better." Raymon said, Tom looked over at him shaking his head. Tom sat his bag to the side of the bed before laying upon it, resting his head upon the pillow.

"This is fucking amazing, I missed good pillows" Tom said, it had been a good couple months since he had a good pillow. Raymon did the same.
"Holy shit you're so right, this must be what nirvana feels like." Raymon exclaimed, this would be a good place to stay and luckily they hadn't slept in a while, the mid day nap would usually be taken about now and they just got new beds. Tom was the first to fall asleep. His brain had gone through too much in one day, surprisingly Kokobiel fell asleep next, laying down upon the couch resting his head as he read a book he had brought from his bag. Raymon finished unpacking before laying back down, turning on the tv to one of the channels that were available in this small town before promptly passing out. Settled into their new home for the next week, sure they were working but it meant they had a good place to sleep for a little while.

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