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Living on Sirca

by tom_the_wagon

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Chapter 4: Small Town

Tom awoke to the smell of food Kokobiel and Raymond sitting on the floor with take out food.
"You got food and didn't tell me!" Tom said, as he got off the bed before sitting on the floor with them.
"Don't worry we got you something" Raymond said, handing over a bag, Tom took it opening the bag seeing a few tacos and a burrito.
"Didn't know what you liked so went with simple" kokobiel said, eating the sandwich he had got while going through the town, he was also writing in a small notepad. Tom leaned over to see it, it had several lists of patrol numbers and different ranks as well as different forces.

"Dang, you paid a lot of attention," Tom said.
"That is our job, where the reconnaissance team, we spot ever and all dangers." Kokobiel said, finishing his notes going back to his food.
"Yeah, what do you think we did?" Raymond said in a sarcastic tone. Tom didn't respond to his comment huffing, Tom began to eat his own taco thinking about how they managed to see so many troops in such a timespan. The notes read about 120 ground infantry, 10 commanding officers, 5 supply trucks and these were only red forces there were a few H.A.D.E.S troops but not a whole lot, there were no freelancer troops. Tom sat in thought for a moment before speaking.

"Why do you think so many are coming through this town?" Tom asked, Raymond shrugged having zero idea of why, Kokobiel turned to Tom speaking up.
"I believe it's because this is neutral territory and not many large blue patrols come this way, but that's most likely because of the SAM site a couple miles before town, I think they just see this to be a good supply hold, they are setting up a new base camp something to hold troops and supplies" Kokobiel explained, he had saw something earlier on their walk to get food.
"Yeah I saw that too, it was just a few tents but they were building something else, which seemed fairly large." Raymond added to Kokobiel's statement. Tom took the answer as they each finished their food, they opened up the blinds slightly to the windows peaking out, Tom was first on watch to identify patrol routes and if any new troops were spotted. Tom checked his watch after a few hours, the watch reading 43:37 CM.
"Yo Raymond you're up for the next few hours," Tom said, turning to Raymond. Raymond got up switching places with Tom, he went over and sat on the bed laying back on it sighing in relief.

Tom turned to look at Kokobiel inspecting him better. He had taken off his shirt a while ago, the sun may have been getting close to setting but it was still fairly warm. Tom noticed several deep scars along his sides and chest clearly he had been cut by something, leaving a deep scar.
"I know it may be rude to ask but what's with all the scars, what happened to you?" Tom asked, still inspecting the scars of the chupa.
"Oh, lots of fighting, it's how I made money when I was younger. Lots of knife fights, the more dangerous the more money you get." Kokobiel said, inspecting his arm with a slight hint of regret in his face. Tom looked away embarrassed and regretful of asking.
"Sorry bout asking, I just get really curious about things and figured it wouldn't be too bad," Tom said, trying to apologize.
"It's fine, I've been asked before, '' Kokobiel replied. Kokobiel got up going through his bag before getting out a small metal box. He opened it, setting the lid aside, he walked over to Tom sitting on the bed next to him, the bed dipped in and Tom sat up. Kokobiel took out some photos showing pictures of his younger self with some nasty cuts. The cuts were always deep but he was also always smiling in them.
"I may have got hurt, but I always won them, luckily it was mostly by submission, I only had to kill a few times." Kokobiel said the tone of regret was apparent as he looked down in shame at his actions.
"We all gotta do something to live in this world."
Tom said he was trying to be apathetic to the large chupa.

Kokobiel nodded in silence as he put the metal box back, after which he went to the bathroom to shower.
Tom sat there fiddling with his hands thinking about what he had said, disappointed in himself. Kokobiel stood in the shower, the warm water going through his fur as he looked at the scars upon his body, he had done so much violence he deserved the scars. They were a sign of his misdeeds, his sins, his darkest moments. The feeling of taking a life feels powerful at first, but the more he did it the more he regretted it, but the easier it became. He stepped out of the shower drying himself off as he looked in the mirror, his eyes filled with sorrow.
"I will be better than that, I will always be better than that." Kokobiel said aloud to himself, he knew he would be better than that but a war doesn't help this. He brushed his fur putting on his clothes and stepping out of the bathroom, Tom was laying back hands to face.
Kokobiel looked at him a little concerned.
"You're okay, right?" Kokobiel asked tom.
"Yeah just fine, I didn't realize how intrusive my question might have been." Tom responded.
"I told you it's fine, drop it" Kokobiel said, his tone direct almost like a command. Tom shut his trap looking away towards Raymond who shrugged at him.

They had sat in silence for hours, well almost silence they would hear Raymond scribble something in a notebook every once in a while. It was very awkward to say the least, well at least until Raymond finally broke the tension.
"Seems activity has died down, night watch is the only one out currently." Raymond said as he turned around looking at the two others.
"Good to know, we can now relax, any ideas on what to do?" Kokobiel asked, clearly he had not planned nightly activities other than sleep.
"Well what do we have here to do?" Tom asked, and he figured Kokobiel would have something for them.
"I did buy some spiked tea, mostly because I don't like beer and we can still have fun." Raymond said to the group.
"I like that idea, just hope you bought enough for all of us," Tom said, getting up opening the fridge to pull out the pack of spiked tea, there would be plenty for them.

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