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Living on Sirca

by tom_the_wagon

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Chapter 2: Convoy

Several hours later they had been tasked with watching over a checkpoint a red convoy of trucks would be coming through, Tom and Ramon were to note how many personnel were in the convoy and what they were carrying.
"I can't believe we were paired together for this maybe they thought we made a great team" Ramon said as they sat atop a tree Tom with binoculars in hand looking down at the checkpoint they were truly paired together because it was a recon expedition and Ramon could fit into small spaces and a quick thinker polar opposite to Tom perfect for a squad.
"Yeah hard to believe that bunk mates to squad mates" Tom said no longer with the same blank tone more in a friendly tone getting comfortable with his new companion.

Tom lowered the binoculars looking over to Raymon.
"I never asked you, what's your reason for joining?" Tom asked Raymon, realizing that he had barely asked Raymon any questions at all.
"Oh, well I'm actually trying to get away from my family. They were pushing way too much on me, enlisting was the best option to get away from them." Raymon responded quickly to Tom's question.
"The most annoying thing they ever did was try and get me to marry this girl. She was rich or something like that, which I didn't even like her" Raymon continued to say after responding to the question.
"Really, how do you know that you ever met her?" Tom asked, clearly curious about the situation as he looked into the binoculars again.
"Not so much that I never met her, more like I had eyes on someone else my parents would never approve if they found out." Raymon continued to speak, telling Tom the reasoning on why he didn't agree to the marriage.

"I really liked this um... dude which isn't weird, right?" Raymon asked, a little nervous he wasn't exactly out there. Luckily Tom was never one to judge, no ideals were ever really pushed on him.
"Nah, totally normal." Tom seemed to be focused on the checkpoint clearly something caught his attention.
"Oh it's not... what are you looking at?" He asked Tom, noticing his attention was drawn away.
"Convoy" Tom said nonchalantly, forgetting that was the point of this mission.
"WHAT, why didn't you tell me!?" Raymon asked with a tone of concern and anger.
"You were ranting, so I let you rant," Tom said, handing over the extra pair of binoculars. Raymon took the binoculars looking into them, sure enough the convoy was going through the checkpoint, it was being inspected by a red member as other chupas got out the back, lining up against the trucks. The inspection went through as Tom and Raymon noted things down.

"Hey, are one of them looking up into the tree line?" Asked Raymon, Tom turned to see that a red soldier had binoculars looking out to the tree line spotting Tom as he spotted him. "Shit" Tom said, tossing the binoculars into the bag sliding down the tree. "Run for it, they definitely saw us and I am not getting executed today!" Tom yelled, booking it deeper into the trees, Raymon following suit. As they ran through the forest Tom pulled out his radio from his bag.
"Requesting emergency evac located near checkpoint B14 west side!" Tom yelled into the radio, the sound of soldiers yelling in the distance can be heard a few shots hitting trees behind them.
A voice through the radio responded "Pelican inbound est 10 minutes"
"Fucking shit, they better hurry their asses" Raymon said, following behind Tom as the forest opened into a clearing.

Red soldiers got closer as Tom and Raymon scrambled up a tree, the pelican moving in closer.
"We have a pelican inbound" one red soldier yelled, as shots were fired at the pelican, a pelican gunner swiveled the gun firing shots at the red soldiers as they began to retreat. As the soldiers ran back into the forest a few shots were fired back towards the pelican, as both Raymon and Tom slid down the tree.
"Thanks saving us there guys" Tom said as the pelican landed, getting aboard putting on a headset.
"Don't mention it, just part of the job" the gunner said, turning to the pilot. "Get us back in the air, I'm sure they noticed we are grounded now"
"Got it, welcome aboard gentlemen" the pilot said, greeting the reconnaissance team. The pelican took off a few seconds later returning to the nearby airbase, docking as both Tom and Raymon got off setting down their headsets. "We are going to get a new one tore by command," Raymon said, looking at Tom. "Most definitely" Tom said in agreement. A warthog pulled into the airbase parking as the commanding officer that met Tom at the base.

"You dipshits, how did you manage to get caught, you were specifically meant to hide and observe, but no you get caught and now they'll change shit I bet!" The commanding officer yelled at both Raymon and Tom.
"You just had to call in a pelican, why didn't you try and hide from them!" The commanding officer continued to yell in frustration as Tom spoke up "It is my fault sit, I called in the pelican in fear of being killed but we now know what that convoy was carrying, it was direct supplies and ground infantry" this piqued the commanding officer's interest.
"Well then I guess that will have to do, now in the warthog you are returning to base, dismissed" the commanding officer said, turning around getting back in the jeep as Tom and Raymon followed his directive.

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