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Doc's here to answer your questions about Sirca and chupathingys!

So Doc, when are you going to be in the comic?
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...?
Can I get a hug?
Would you demonstrate your favorite relaxation technique?
O'Malley, is Red Bull your holy water or something?
Why were you so weirded out by VIC talking about his vasectomy?
Just how many ways IS Sister contagious?
Hey Doc, do you have any siblings?
What were your parents like?
Can we start making chupa plushies?
Got any tricks for easy band-aid removal?
Hey Doc, isn't it boring around the box canyon?
I sprained my ankle. What would you recommend for that?
What's the deal with the subspecies infans and -equus?
What was your favorite game to play as a child?
Any New Year's resolutions?
Doc, exactly how high is your body count on the operating table?
Do they have strange politicians where you're from?
How do you deal with people who insult your intelligence...?
What did you guys evolve from?
Who is your least favorite person in the canyon?
What's the best Christmas/birthday present you've ever got?
O'Malley, which do you prefer: Ruling the world? Or killing everybody?
What does a growing Chupathingy need most to stay healthy?
When you were young what were you afraid of?
So Doc, how do you feel about Freelancers?
Can chupas manifest powers?
What is a chupa's average exercise routine like?
What is a hobby you would like to take up when/if the war ends?
Can you tell us about Lord Omega?
What makes you so awesome......?!?!!?
Doc gets a portal device...
Do the canyon boys ever screw with your personal things?
Do chupas have the same kinds of vehicles as humans?
Hey Doc, how do you feel about Sister?
Where do chupas come from...?
Where would you go for a vacation?
Is there any special way to deal with a partially-severed digit?
What is the worst insult for chupas, and by contrast what is...?
Hey Doc, who was your first date?
Hey, Caboose? If I was like you would you totally date me?
What kinds of chupa get treated better just by chance of genetics?
Where is the chupa on the food chain?
Oh Sweet Omega, now O'Malley has the portal device...
You got anyone special at home, Doc?
How long was your medic training, and was it hard?
Who is the easiest soldier to work with, and who...?
O'Malley, are you gonna kill each team member...?
Church, when was the last time you got laid?
What types of alcohol do chupas make?
Do chupas have addictive substances, like drugs?
Grif and Simmons, how do you feel about shippers?
How do chupa tattoos work?
Chupas, where are your ears?
Hey Doc, I need a lesson on chupa biology...
Where are you from, Doc?
Hey Doc, which team do you prefer to work with...?
Do colors in chupa fashion go by seasons like human fashion does?
A letter to Sarge from Dad
Tucker, why do you do what you do next to a giant rock...?
Do any of the Blood Gulch chupas (other than Grif) have tattoos?
Sarge, is there a speech by a superior officer that influenced you...?
Chupa-Doc meets Human-Doc
Do chupa tails do anythiing for balance, or...?
Day at the spa
Hey York, why so sexy?
Does anything happen to red civilian chupas that live in blue territory or...?
How does a chupa figure out how pure their breed is?
Doc or Donut, what's the church's opinion of homosexuality?
What if chupas had ears?
What is Church like when he gets drunk?
I'm curious about differences in tail length...
Why do chupas have hair AND fur?
Doc goes to jail
Doc gets parole
What's the consensus on them homos in Sirca?
What is your standing on pineapples?
Is it better to buy dress clothes sarcastically, or...?
What's chupa jail like?
I'm concerned that other chupas refuse to socialize with my chupababy...
How do chupas grip things like coffee mugs and rifles...?
What are some of the issues a chupa would face but not a human...?
Does the weather in Blood Gulch really never change?
Do chupas have a Thanksgiving holiday?
Do you worry something on the other side of the ring will fall on you?
Do you guys have anime or video games?
A Very Chupa Christmas 2017
Pie... or cake?
More importantly, what is your preferred pronunciation of "pecan"?
Do chupas have a visible tell when they're blushing?
Doc responds to furry haters
Are there any unique cultural landmarks of note on Sirca?
Do chupas paint their nails?
Doc, are you and Donut a thing?
Is there a mandatory military service after school?
What happened to the dirus chupas of the canis family?
What's the worst battle/massacre in the history of Sirca?
How does Donut keep his hair so fabulous?
Do you have to tranquilize most of your patients, Doc?
What happened to this place called Kyrai?
How do you keep Caboose from pushing every button in sight?
Doc, what was it like being a chupababy?
Are there any semi-well-known myths or legends on Sirca?
Doc, do you have a metal hazmat suit in case of an outbreak?
Do chupas have alcohols like mead?
How many shrines are there?
Do you guys have any resistant groups that go against Omega?
Have you guys heard about this pirate radio station...?
Do chupas have television or movies?
Do any sports exist in your area?
How would chupas react to aliens?
What animals live on your ring world?
If Donut has to have an x-ray taken, does he pose?
What diseases are there in your world?
Do you guys have any horror films?
What kind of funeral rituals do you have?
What do the courts do for lesser crimes (like speeding tickets)?
Do you guys smoke cigarettes?
How do chupas know words like "Christ"?
What determines a chupa's fur color?
Chupas, what are your crushes?
Tex, what is the bloodiest job you've ever had?
What does the biology of a chupa look like?
What's a chupa's usual diet, or traditional foods?
Is it possible to modify your weapons, like in RWBY?
Do chupas have access to the internet?
A special thank you to patrons!
Would it be possible for chupas to start a space exploration program?
Do you have a list of Omega's left hands?
What's the story with Freelancers?
What is Sircan military music like?
What is "ruff"?
Have you ever treated people not native to Sirca before?
Have there been cases of chupas being raised by animals?
How did the many different breeds diverge into the races they are today?
Church, is your team having a hard time listening to you?
Has Sirca been the subject of various supernatural phenomena?
Who are your favorite authors?
A Chupathingy's Comprehensive Guide to Holidays
How would you guys react if you visited Earth?
How would you guys describe yourselves?
What's up with Tex's scorebook?
What's Sirca's calendar look like?
What's up with different chupa religions or sects?

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Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Artwork and story by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.