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"Robin's Masterpiece" by JalapenoSupreme

A loud guitar riff blasts out from a dimly lit alleyway of the dark slums of omegrad. Broken down store fronts sit abandoned with the occasional homeless chupa sneaking about. The only building that has any sense of repair is the pristine chapel sitting between all this mess. Its outer walls white with a fresh coat of paint, with inline gold across the windows and doors. But not all walls were perfect and proper.

"Hey YEEEAAAHHH!" Robin's excited voice belted out from the alley only slightly muffled from the gas mask he wore. The once white wall he stood next to is now covered in big bold letters. Filled with dark blue with a thick black outline contrast greatly with Omega's pristine place of worship.

Stencils of letters are strewn across the floor, with plenty of cans of paint lay used to the last drop. With Robin dancing back to the wall with the music, his hips swaying till a spinning flurry ending with a can acting as a mic while he continued the song.

"Think again, don't you know what you're startin'."

And with this his hand reached up to fill in the bottom of the massive M, his sweeping motions worked in tandem with the song to create a joyous moment of creative juices that flowed from mind to stupid white walls.


A long night of work showed its final moments as Robin filled in the final details while atop a tall, unmanned ladder. It wavered precariously as he reached his body all the way out towards the lettering rather than move the ladder a little to the left. It'd be too much work to do that after all. But after that small act of recklessness in tonight's sea of poor choices, Robin slid down the ladder and ripped his mask off. Finally able to see his magnum opus in its full beauty. The massive letters, taller than the young chupa himself spell out:

The Movement Stands Tall

Reaching up towards the top of the building, and standing next to these massive letters, the silhouette of a giant chupa that stood as tall as the phrase itself. Even with the trail of black leading all the way down on the floor, where his own flashlight sat.

Rico was quite annoyed during the 2 hours where he had stood still in front of the light. His only respite being a consistent supply of cold beers that he brought to watch and criticize Robin's work.

"The T is somehow smaller than the rest of the letters. How the hell did you do that cabrón?"
"No Mames way, It looks exactly the- nope, nope definitely smaller. Shit."

The two laughed wildly as they sat and admired the work, finishing their drinks as the sun began casting its orange glow across the city.

Robin gave a long stretch before noticing his hand glowed in red and blue as the jarring sounds of a police car began blaring from the street next to them. Robin jolted up, picking up his boombox and stuffing it into his bag as a police-officer shined a light into the alley.

"Don't move!"

Was all the officer could exclaim before the two hooligans sprinted in the other direction, Robin hopping onto a garbage bin before hopping and pulling himself up on a fire escape. Rico vaulted over a far wall and disappeared into the night as Robin quickly climbed up to the roof, and out of sight of the officer.

The new morning sun warmed his fur as he ran along the rooftop. He smiled, a feeling of accomplishment washing over him before he leaped to the next building with a cheerful whoop.


Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Artwork and story by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.

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