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"Project Ennead" by Anubis

Project Ennead is a sister project to the infamous project werewolf, both of which work under the house of omega. Whereas werewolf worked on creating super soldiers and experiments with the werewolf mutagen chemical, Ennead focused more on creating weapons for the house's holy wars.

The house would give the engineers a blueprint for them to develop a new weapon or vehicle. They were given an almost bottomless budget to work with in order to attain the highest quality materials. They would then test the new equipment and go back to the drawing board if something was amiss.

When the weapon or vehicle was completed, the house would reclaim the materials and the equipment and unveil it to their soldiers. Among the items Ennead has worked on are; the gauss cannon, railgun, rockethog, and the scorpion tank. However, after most of project freelancer went rogue and the restless destroyed Stryker's keep in the honkal ocean, Ennead was contracted to start a new super soldier program. They were given all the equipment they needed to conduct new experiments, as well as new armor.

However, the entire working staff, including the project's director, Sahara Keyes, agreed that under no circumstance would they ever use the werewolf formula, as it proved to be too dangerous and counterproductive in the war efforts. However, they were able to create three new formas using the werewolf mutagen's chemical footprint. The new serums were given to the top 9 performing agents in the project; Ra, Set, Anubis, Sobek, Khnum, Thoth, Bastet, Horus, and Osirus.

The new formulas, called "elixirs", would grant the person who takes them enhanced abilities. These abilities are enhanced strength, enhanced healing, and enhanced speed (As shown in this basic graphic, each color represents an ability, as well as displays the names of those who were given each elixir). These elixir's must be handled carefully though, as if they ever mix, they will only cause harm and discomfort to whoever has it in their system.

These elixirs also come with some withdrawal symptoms after they wear off; strength makes the person angry and irritable, and causes violent outbursts. Healing makes the person hyper-emotional, and causes hives and itching fits. Speed gives the person exhaustion and extreme headaches, and causes delusions, insomnia and hallucinations. This is why the serum must be readministered every 2 months, as to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

As of current stature, project ennead has over 100 agents on standby, waiting for deployment into the field and for the chance to make omega proud, securing a spot for them in Valhalla.


Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Artwork and story by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.

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