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"Champions of Sirca" by Cobalt the Dragon (line art by Myshu)

So several years ago is when it all began

And it began with Ms. Agatha, when she was a youngin, she grew up with no friends, spending most of her time wandering the forest, one day she was being chased by a craw bear, she fell down a ditch, and collided with a tree, she came to and the bear was right in front of her "no please don't" she cried, the bear stopped "you speak my tongue?" The bear said to her, she got up and looked at the tree she hit, it was different than the others, it's bark a dark blue with silver veins running up it, she rubbed her forehead, now imbued with a a symbol on it "I..I think I can" suddenly, she could hear it, the sounds of the forest, it's inhabitants, she could understand them, the tree then slowly withered as it gave its power to her. She grew up a delinquent, her new friends helping her make a living, evade capture, sometimes escape jail, now years later she's with 3 others with powers like hers

The second member, Vergil Feriday blue soldier turned con-man turned rebel. Leader of the Champions and an absolute player. During one particularly failed con he was being chased down by house agents, he eventually came across a strange looking tree and upon touching it he was gifted with the silver tongue. Able to essentially hypnotize anyone he focuses on, he used his new power when he was cornered and managed to talk his way to freedom. Mostly uses it for flirting or espionage, he's packing twin pistols and high level martial arts .

And the third member, Cecil Caliber (never call him CC) ex-freelancer sniper, orphan, last foster home went up in flames, he escaped but suffered several burns, he one day snooped a bit too deep and found something he shouldn't have, decided his efforts and abilities should go towards ending the war, in his last foster home, an odd looking tree was always growing in the backyard, his foster father chopped it down and used it in the fireplace, the raw power from it is what set the house up in flames, the burns is how he received his gift, that of foresight, but only when just his left eye is open and he is concentrating, able to made what should be impossible shots

The 4th and latest is Noble, and Ex monk of the house, he was devoted heavily to Omega, he happened to one day stumble across old tomes that's told the truth about everything, he tried getting the word out, but someone found out before he could, he had his tongue literally cut out, and he was sentenced to death. While awaiting his execution he managed to slip free. Running as far as he could, until he came across a tree, the same kind Agatha had run into years ago. He placed his hand on it, and it burned a symbol onto his palm. The HADES troops were closing in fast. Suddenly, an entire forest of thick spiky vines surrounded him, impaling almost all the troops. A way out opened for him and he made his escape. Eventually meeting up with 3 others with powers like his. Agatha taught him sign language and treated him like a grandson.


Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Artwork and story by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.

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