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The Life of Jeranin L. Baxley

by Thervbfanman

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Chapter 1: paying the bills

It was a hot summer day, probably the hottest all year. There was a
strong breeze which made up for the heat. I just got back home from
helping the Jenkins family on their farm. Henry Jenkins said he
would pay me five bucks an hour, which was pretty good pay for a
fourteen year old. Mainly, why I was working for Mr. Jenkins was
because Mother told me I had to help with getting money for the
family. Mother couldn’t do much because my one year old brother was
always with her so she took a “job” babysitting one of the neighbors
little ones while his mother was working at one of the schools.
this was also a kind of help to my Mother because while the two little
ones played together, she could
tidy up the house a little bit. Why Mother and I had to get jobs and
earn money was because my father died in a drunken brawl. The man who
killed him was put to death, and a few others were thrown in jail for
involvement in the situation. Still I was probably going to leave in a
month or so. I was going to turn fifteen years old in three days
which means I’ll have to leave and start training for the holy wars
which I myself think they should change. Why should a fifteen year old
boy go and fight in a war... but I’m going to stop there. this isn’t a
rant this is a story. A very interesting story at that, and I don’t
want my tongue cut off or anything like that. Now back to the story.
It was about the middle of the year that Mother would send me to pay
taxes. It’s usually a month before they’re actually due, so that I’ll
have enough time to get to Omegrad. If your wondering why a mother
would ever let her fourteen year old son go from Timea to Omegrad,
which is five city-states away, by himself. no worry every once in a
while Mr. Jenkins would teach me how to defend myself by randomly
jumping out on me yelling attack which came in use very often.

Chapter 2: the ambush

It was about a day since I left home to pay the taxes and about two
days after my birthday so Mother
said if I have anything left I could get myself something. I was
thinking of what I was going to get
the entire time and when I got there I payed the taxes and had twenty
bucks left. I immediately went
to the store and got some sweet lickin’ treats. I got a few of them, a
raspberry one for me, a peach one for Mother, and a few for the
Jenkins family. It was about a day after I left Omegrad and was trying
to sneak through some of the Blue territory. I was hearing some
gunfire nearby, suddenly it started getting closer. I was starting to
panic. I was running, getting kind of scared I was ready to defend
myself but these guys had guns, and you and I both know that no one
can defend themselves from bullets with nothing but there fists. I
started freaking out and was running faster, faster, faster. I
eventually got to the point where I was pushing myself to the limit. I
could feel my heart pounding in
my chest. I could hear the gunshots ringing, then suddenly a bullet
broke through the side of a tree grabbing my attention, causing me to
trip and hit the ground hard. I felt my head pounding from the impact,
I was done. I felt the gunfire getting closer and closer until bang,
the fighting was right on top of me. I saw flashes of light flying
over me and suddenly a blue soldier came running up next to me. while
shooting at the reds he said “you know how to use a gun?”
in response I just said “what?”
“do you know how to use a gun?” the soldier repeated.
Then I in response got up and said while trying to dodge bullets “yeah
I’ve had some practice”.
“Good take this and lay down some fire on those reds” the soldier said
handing me his magnum.
while trying to provide support for the blue soldier I got a few hits
but their armor reflected it still I got a kill from a head shot.
after that I didn’t get another kill which I’m kind of glad about
cause I wasn’t recruited into the army yet so I was worried about the
law because it says if you kill someone on holy ground or outside of
battle you would be put to death, why I was worried was because
even though it was in battle I wasn’t in the military yet so I kind of
feared that, but still after all the fighting was done they took me
back to their base and reported to their command about what happened
with me and the reds. The soldier that gave me the magnum eventually
came up to me and said
“well what do you think about the military crazy right, well my name
is James Quince and you are?”
“I’m Jeranin Baxley or just Jerry for short and yes it was crazy but
why’d I have to come back to your base with you?” I asked in response.
James replied saying “well normally we would just right this in the
handbook but because you were in the middle of this fight we had to
report it to command,”
then I with understanding said “okay so its just protocol then,”
“yeah, and where’d you learn to shoot like that you might just be
better than some guys we’ve got,”
James said with excitement in his voice
I responding saying “well for a while I helped out on one of our
neighbors farms and he would train me
in certain ways while we took breaks or he would just randomly jump
out on me and test me,”
“really well he’s done a good job and how old are you exactly?” James said
then I said kind of worried “well it was about a week ago that I
turned fifteen,”
“well I’ll be darned, when did you plan on enlisting?” James asked excitedly
of course I responded “well I don’t actually know how to enlist,”
“oh well there should be a recruitment office in your city-state which
is here I’m guessing,”
James explained to me
“well no, it’s actually Timae,” I corrected in a timid way
then James in a way, freaked out and said “you walked all the way from
Timea by yourself, kid your surprising me in a ton of different ways
you know what, I’m gonna go talk on the phone with command
and see if they’ll allow me to, in a way escort you back to you home, okay?”
“okay” I responded excitedly
it was about an hour after he left to go talk to his command on the
phone so I was getting kind of bored.
eventually I had to walk around, so I decided to get up and explore
the base a little bit. it was really cool even though it was a little
bland, being made out of nothing but concrete or something similar.
after a bit James came back out of the base and said that we would
take the jeep they had and drive to Timea which took about two days.
When we got back Mother was so surprised to see me in the jeep
with James she thought that I had gotten in trouble or something.
James clarified and said he found
me in the middle of Wortistan near a blue base that was being attacked
and that I helped defend their base from the reds. After James finished
telling Mother the entire story she was somewhat actually proud of me,
or at least I think she was anyways. Mother said that I should go and
enlist for the blue army. while I was doing that James
was putting in an order for a new rookie age fifteen, gray fur, red
hair, and name as Jeranin Baxley. James put on the order list the same
details I put on my enlistment
page because he was trying to get me stationed at the base he was at
which made me really happy. I’m glad Mother agreed to let him do it.
About a month after I enlisted, the drop-ship that brings
supply’s to the blue base James is stationed at, was loading up some
supply’s and the pilot came
to me and said he needed me to come with him. he was taking me to the
base I was being stationed
At. Which of course was James’ base.

Chapter 3:Three types

“now there are three types of people Jerry; one; good, good people are
the kind of people you can always talk to and trust. Two; normal,
normal people are the kind of people you can some times depend on but
they don’t always come to help and three; bad, bad people are pretty
much described by the red team. Now do you understand everything I’ve
said” James explained
then I said “okay so there are good people, normal people, and bad
people right?”
“yes, now you’ve read the handbook all the way through?” James clarified
“yeah, I read rule one through four hundred and sixteen and the
exceptions” I said proudly.
James looked around the room and said “hmm… well there’s nothing else
so the base is yours to
explore and if you need anything just come to me oh and we’re all
gonna gather on top of the base
in three hours got it”
then James left and I looked around my room and thought about what I
should do then I decided
to kind of decorate the place since it seemed so bland and boring and
that took a while which was pretty good cause when I finished it was
around ten minutes from six o’ clock which was when
James told us to meet on top of the base. I decided to just sit there
and wait till six which wasn’t very far away, it was actually starting
to dark so I just laid up there and looked at the stars they were a
pretty good time waster. By the time we started I had almost fallen
asleep, and I think I should have, the
meeting wasn’t very useful all we talked about was me being stationed
there and normally the recruit
would feel so high and mighty but I just felt, well bored with it. we
soon went and “hit the hay” which
I think was direly needed cause I wasn’t sleeping very well the past
week but I think this made up for it
,I pretty much passed out. it was three days after the meeting when
James finally woke me up which I was kind of glad about. It was about
nine in the morning and we were all getting ready to go and I noticed
an ¶§XIII on James’ side. The only thing I could think at the time is
“where did that come from?” even after we were ready I was still
thinking about it.
I had to get an answer

Chapter 4: Anger issues

all I did was walk up to James and ask “hey where’d that tattoo on
your side come from?”
he just froze right there after a minute or so he just went berserk
and threw his gun away then started tearing his armor off and just
stopped and stood there breathing heavily. then he slowly looked up at
us with glowing bright yellow eyes, his shirt ripped from when he tore
off his armor showing his teal blue fur underneath then he started
deeply growling then Jackie a female chupa with yellow fur, green hair
,and brown eyes slowly approached him saying things in a soft voice
trying to calm him down, she told me and Jack a male chupa with baby
blue like fur, green hair, and again brown eyes, to put our guns down
which we did of course. Jackie slowly walked to him and then suddenly
he through her into a nearby tree, immediately Jack went running after
her leaving me to defend myself. James bent
down then started slowly coming towards me speeding up over time while
I was backing up, and it
became a full out chase all around the valley eventually getting to
red base. The reds came out of their base wondering what the racket
was then they all saw James chasing me. eventually they stopped
laughing and got there equipment ready to go but while they were
trying to sneak over to our unoccupied base I jumped into the bushes
where they were hiding they immediately freaked out and pointed their
rifles at me then quickly I responded saying
“whoa, whoa, I’m not armed!”
“then beat it blue!”
“umm… I’d rather woamphllrb” I trailed off as James tackled me,
rolling near the edge of a cliff with me kicking him off me and off
the cliff. I soon got up, caught my breath and turned around to check
if he survived the fall. as I looked over the edge, he shot up from
the side of the cliff and hit the ground hard. he just stood there so
I grabbed my magnum. I didn’t wanna shoot him but I had
no other choice, so I cocked my gun and took aim. suddenly he just
fell flat on the ground asleep.
Then I the only one responding said “what...was...that”
No one said anything. the reds just started sneaking back to there
base and I ran over to Jack to see if Jackie was okay. all he said was
she had a broken arm and some bad bruises so we called in a medic. we
got Jackie in and on a bed. I asked Jack to come help me carry James
back into the base.
It was about a week or so after that “event” that James woke up. the
first thing he did was come to me
“hey what happened?”
I responded “well, I don’t know what happened but you freaked out and
almost killed Jackie,”
James still trying to wake up said “almost, how is she”
“well she’s got a broken arm and some really bad bruises well,
everywhere” I said
“well where is she now” James said mesmerized.
I answered his question “she’s in her room, come on she said she
wanted to talk to when you woke up”. I took James to her room and she
was awake but barely. I think she was hurting to much to sleep. I let
James go in and I just stood at the door
when James got in he said to Jackie “hey are you okay Jackie”
she responded “yeah just hurting a bit”
“sorry I hope you’ll heal quickly” James said
“what happened to you? that was crazy” Jackie asked
James answered “I don’t know what happened myself, well you try to
sleep and heal up”
then James got up and went and got something out of the fridge. he
probably was really
hungry, he’s been asleep for at least a week so it was pretty
understandable. after he ate he got his
armor on and went outside to see Jack posted as lookout. James told
him to go inside and he’ll
continue lookout so I went and sat next to him and decided to talk.
“hey how are you feeling”
he responded “like crap”
“do you now what happened” I asked
“I wish I knew” he answered
then thinking back I asked “why’d you go berserk in the first place,”
after I asked that James thought and answered “I’m not sure all I
remember was you asking me something then just blacking out”
“hmm…. maybe what I asked triggered something and caused that to
happen and when I cocked my
gun you pretty much passed out so maybe that stops it” I said to him
“I think we should get it checked out” he said
“yeah we can have the medic check it out” I responded
it was about three days later that the medic arrived first he checked
on Jackie then I came and asked
if he would check on James, when he came back with a report he just
whispered to take him to
Freelancer H.Q. so I told James and we set off in the jeep but before
we stopped there we went back
to my house cause I told him there was something I needed to pick up.
But when we got there the town
was burning it looked like there was a battle but there’s no red or
blue bases posted near here.

Chapter 5:the Freelancers

I quickly ran to the house and looked all around for Mother and my
brother and found them in Mothers room in a corner dead I immediately
fell down and grabbed them.
“NOOOOOO! NOOO! WHY! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!” I yelled crying badly
then James hearing me ran in and grabbed me, I resisting tried kicking
at him eventually he just grabbed my legs and took me to the jeep and
sat me in the passenger seat asking
“where’s that thing you wanted to pick up”
I answered trying to hold back the tears “it’s under the floor board
in the pantry”
then he went and kicked the floor in the pantry breaking the boards
then grabbed the black bag and brought it back to the jeep throwing it
in the back then we set off to Freelancer H.Q. when we got there we
went in and James asked showing his tattoo to the guard
“where should we go for this”
the guard immediately pointed his gun at James and said “put your
weapon on the ground and turn around” then he handed some cuffs to me
and said “here put these on him”
in reaction I put them on him carefully but the while I did I
whispered to him “it’s OK just go along with it, oh and do you think
you’ve got enough strength to break these”
he whispered back saying “I don’t think I do, I know”
then the guard led me and James down the hall and up some stairs into
an interrogation room then the guard went back to his post and two chupa’s walked
in behind the glass one of them had
gray fur like me, and instead of red hair he had blond, and he was
wearing a green shirt with a gray jacket on top, and some green shorts
the other one had golden fur with a lighter streak down his chest how
I could tell was because he had no shirt on for some reason but he
wearing a necklace with a key on it, he had brown hair and a scar on
his left eye from it looks like a claw maybe he got in a fight with
another chupa or some animal, but at least he had some green shorts on
like the other, and then I noticed he also had a tattoo on his side
like James but it had different digits than James’ did but he had a
?XII. After they came in that room they said something to each other
but then they both came in and sat down at the table then I carefully
sat one of the modified magnums I had on James’ leg and grabbed the
other one and held it tight in my hand then before the two chupa’s
said anything I jumped and yelled “NOW!”
then I pointed my magnum at them and James snapped the chain
connecting the cuffs grabbed the magnum on his knee and pointed it at
the two chupa’s like me but instead of grabbing a weapon or anything
they just sat there then the gray one said to the other
“see I told you they didn’t take their weapons”
then the golden one handed a buck to the other and James spoke up
interrupting them
“what is this”
the gray one responded saying “well my name is Washington and this is
York and that was a bet won by me and your name’s are?”
James still holding his weapon up said “that none of your business
we’ll be asking the questions not you got it”
he responded “yeah we got it now why don’t you stop pointing your guns
at us and sit down”
James snapped at him saying “hey don’t get smart with me or I will shoot you”
then James handed me the magnum and I clipped it to my leg and we both
sat down and I still pointing
my magnum at them then Washington said
“hey kid you can put the gun down anyways we’re not armed”
I answered “fine but don’t think of pulling anything”
James then interrupted me asking “why’d that guard have me cuffed”
and Washington answered “well I can’t exactly say without knowing what you did”
James realizing that said “well we walked up to the guard and I showed
him the mark I had on my side
and asked where I should go in here to have it checked then he had me
drop my weapon and had me cuffed is that enough for you”
Washington the quickly clarified “wait did you just say you had a mark
on your side?”
then James said “yeah, why?”
York then stood up showing his mark “is it like this”
then I joined in and said “yeah, except its got two different symbols
and one more digit”
York then sat down and Washington said “well sorry but your a werewolf”
James then asked “what does that mean is it bad”
then I said “man even I know the answer to that, yes, hey Washington
is it, is this werewolf thing you know curable or anything?”
then Washington said “first of all call me Wash and no its not curable”
York then said “sorry but we’re gonna have to lock you up we can
probably get your friend a room
but you can’t have one you’ve gotta stay in a cell sorry.”
James a bit mad but more sad and mesmerized said “it’s fine as long as
he’s taken care of I’m fine”
then Wash took James to the cell he was going to stay in, leaving me
with York. I decided to ask him
some things about werewolves.
“hey York, how does one become a werewolf”
he answered “well, some people become werewolves by experiments like
the first few that escaped
the lab they were made in. others become werewolves by an already
werewolf scratching them so
if I were to put my claw to your arm and cut you then you would break
out in a great rage unable to be
stopped I was one of the one’s that was experimented on and I know how
to start it and stop it”
then I asked “what do you mean by start it and stop it”
he clarified “well by start it and stop it is I know what activates
the uncontrollable rage and what stops it and my fellow Freelancers
know as well cause how am I gonna stop it if I’m in a rage”
then I said “now I know why James went insane when I said tattoo it
must have been the activation
and when I cocked my gun the sound it made was probably the deactivation”
and he responded “you’ve got it right”
then after we finished talking York led me to the room I was gonna be
staying in while we were there. he took me to the cell James was in
and said I could come and talk to him any time I’d like.
After I got to know my way around the place, a tall chupa with purple
fur and green hair, he was wearing a black shirt with a sand colored
jacket on top. he was also wearing green shorts which I
started to think was a trend around here. he walked in and told me it
was time for supper and took me
to the mess as they called it. as north led me in, I noticed another
somewhat mysterious chupa. she looked about the same age as me and had
dark blue fur with a white streak down her chest she also had auburn
hair. I think she was one of the new recruits they were bringing in. I
started to think they were probably gonna treat me as a new recruit.
when we got in line to get food I was behind her in line. I was
thinking about trying to say something to her. she looked like they
had just picked her up from the woods. I could tell cause she accepted
all the food that the cooks made and I mean all of it. it made me a
bit sick, when I got my food. I paid the cooks and sat at the table
behind her. after I ate all my food, I just sat there and waited for
everyone else to be done, spending my time chating with some of the
Freelancers. eventually I heard the girl say something. some of the
Freelancers responded to it. I just sat and listened. most of the
Freelancers near by responded. there was this one, she had the same
fur and hair as me, gray fur maroonish red hair. she even had a white
streak of fur down her chest like me
while I was looking her way she looked at me and got up, then walked
over to the table I was sitting at
and sat down then she said,“hey why are you starin’ at me?”
I responded quickly and kind of nervously “well I noticed we’ve got
the same fur pattern and hair color and everything”
“oh your right. I didn’t see that, wow good job noticing that” she
said looking me over
“thanks” I said feeling proud of myself
then she got up and said “well I’ve gotta go.”
I responded waving “bye.”
after that event I went back to my room and laid down thinking when
suddenly I heard a scrapping noise in the hanger. I got up and ran to
the hanger. I saw one Freelancer helping two doctors put another
Freelancer on a stretcher. when another pelican a much bigger one come
in as it landed.
I saw North get out with that one girl, then Wash came running past me
and down the stairs. I saw him say some thing to North. he responded
and they both came came up the stairs and rushed off. I quickly ran up
behind them and tapped North on the shoulder and asked “what happened
to him?”
then North responded “werewolf attack it was from the first pack.”
I stopped following and stood there, then thought to myself “first
pack that means, I need to find out more about this werewolf

Chapter 6:research and recruitment

After I found out there were many, many, werewolves I decided to do
some research on the subject. I went around asking where I could find
out about werewolves. not many people knew much. they just knew how
werewolves work. that’s pretty much it, so I went to York and asked
him about it. since he’s a werewolf I figured he would know about it
but I didn’t get any answers from him. the only other thing I could do
is go to Wash. I went to him, luckily he had some of the answers I
wanted, but not all of them. then in the middle of our conversation he
“hey would you like to become a freelancer?”
I responded in amazement “uhh… sure what does it take?”
“well you’ll have to have military training. you’ve already got that
I’m guessing. you’ll need some special training, but we’ll get started
after dinner so lets go eat”
we were eating when suddenly I saw mashed potatoes flying through the
air so I got down under the table and finished my food there. I
decided I’d try to sneak out without getting noticed. I went through
the hall and two male chupa’s walked by me. all I said was “warning,
if your going to the mess hall it’s pretty crazy in there.” they sped
up their walking and entered the room. I slowed down to hear what was
getting ready to happen.
I heard the one male chupa yelling. then everyone in the room came
jogging out. they started
running around the facility. I’m lucky I wasn’t in that, then I
realized I’ve been away from James this entire time so I ran to his
cell. surprisingly I got ahead of every Freelancer that was running
and I wasn’t even out of breath when I got to James which ment I had
enough air to talk to him
“hey sorry I’ve just been so amazed by this place that I got side tracked.”
he responded “it’s okay how have they been treating you?”
“surprisingly well. earlier they got in trouble cause there was a
food fight in the mess hall but luckily I got to sneak out and don’t
have to be part of the punishment, oh and Wash was thinking about
making me a Freelancer so that’s exciting” I answered
he then said “yeah I guess, but do you know when I’m gonna be able to
get out of here?”
I said, kind of sad “well I don’t know. they’ve not told me but I will
ask if you can come out okay?”
“yes, please. it’s horrible in here” he said happily
I left to go find Wash. it was surprisingly easy, knowing how big the
facility is, still I found him. when I did, I asked when James was
gonna be let out and Wash said that James could be let out at any time
That was an answer I was kind of mad about, but more glad than
anything. Wash gave me the key and let me go unlock the cell. I asked
if James could have a room near mine. luckily they had one so that
made me happy. when he got settled in his room, I told him to get some
sleep. he obviously looked tired. I went to the roof, hearing a big
ruckus. there was a tank with a smart A. I. it looked pretty cool. I
went down to look at it, and eventually I saw York and Wash driving it
around. I decided to go back to chat with James. The next day Wash
brought me to the training area and man were some of those tests hard.
my favorite one was the firing range, were they tested how well my aim
was. I got to choose my weapon of choice. I ,of course, chose the
sniper rifle and kept my magnum. now that I was a Freelancer I felt
pretty amazing, still I wasn’t really content I wasn’t really hole so
I just went to my room and laid down to think eventually falling
asleep and when I woke up there was a ton of fighting going on so I
just joined in and helped my fellow Freelancers but then in the middle
of fighting I remembered, James he’s probably still in his room so I
ran as fast as I could trying to dodge bullets and when I got to
James’ room he wasn’t there, I turned around and scanned the area I
couldn’t see him anywhere so I ran to the main hanger which was were
most of the fighting was going on, again I looked around the room and
I saw him right there in the middle of the room I quickly pushed
through to get to him eventually I just about to get to him when
suddenly a chupa came running up behind him and was about to stab him
right in the neck then I yelled
“hey James whats that tattoo”
then James did the same thing he did in the canyon but this time he
swung his arm around killing three of the enemies then he came running
at me so I grabbed my magnum and cocked it causing him to fall flat
asleep I just stood over him protecting him then as I was looking
around I noticed a chupa climbing to the top of the highest point near
the facility dragging the director along with him then when he got to
the top of the rock he took out a specially shaped knife and killed
the director then Wash came up behind him and said something then shot
the chupa in the…..

Chapter 7:experiments

suddenly three H.A.D.E.S chupa’s broke into the room guns aimed at me
then suddenly the middle one shot his gun strait at me it was a
tranquilizer gun though so I was lucky
but like anyone or anything I passed out. From what they said it was
three days later and we were driving towards this facility in the
mountains it looked like and felt like it was freezing but still the
facility we were nearing was massive it also had Omega’s symbol on it
with a vile in the center so I was guessing that this was Omega’s
official research facility then two big doors opened up allowing us to
enter the building. They had cuffed me so that I wouldn’t try and
escape but they didn’t know how easy it is to get out, my hands were
behind my back so I tried to put my legs through the gap between my
shoulders and my hands it worked but I used up most of my strength,
the anesthesia hadn’t completely worn off. I had more of an ability
now that my hands were in front of me first I got up then crouched
down and grabbed a magnum sitting in a box it was loaded but I
couldn’t reload it until I got the cuffs off. I jumped out of the back
of the truck luckily because of the noise no one heard me, I quickly
ran to the nearest cover hoping no one would see me, after that I
cocked the magnum and put my hands together letting the chain hang
down I carefully aimed the magnum at the chain and pulled the trigger
cautiously it shot straight through breaking the chain in half then
everything went silent the only noises were the machines running. I
was scared thinking of what was gonna happen if I was caught, after a
few moments of silence and worry things started to go back to normal
and when it was a bit louder I took my chance and ran for some crates
diving when I got to them they were next to the storage so I quickly
ran in and shut the door behind me, I looked around the room many
useful things except for some ammo so I reloaded and grabbed a
silencer then I noticed a lab coat on the door so I grabbed it and put
it on hoping that it would allow me to walk around the facility
without getting noticed easily. After a little bit of looking around I
noticed a large room with a window where a chupa in a lab coat that
had a golden medallion on its right upper chest area, I assumed he
was the lead scientist I planned on finding that out, I also saw the
chupa’s that brought me into the facility I pulled out my magnum and
shot at them hitting one in the leg the other one just grabbed a gun
and aimed it at me it looked like we were gonna have a standoff. We
both just stood our ground and waited for the right moment, suddenly
another chupa stepped up beside him and whispered something to him
then he slowly lowered his gun a little not completely but he I
lowered mine sightly. he then crouched down and put his gun on the
ground. I think what he was trying to do was to get me to drop my
weapon. I just shook my head and raised my gun back up. he huffed and
lowered his head, standing back up. He swung his arm in my
direction. in the same way we would tell the rest of our squad to move
up, then a large chupa with big muscles ran in out of a door near me
and hit me, knocking me unconscious. after that I didn’t know anything
until I woke up on a table, like you would see at a hospital. I saw a
window and behind it were some scientists, and that one chupa from
before, with the golden medallion. Suddenly, a door opened. I
quickly laid back like I was unconscious still so I could possibly
find out what they were gonna do to me.
“so this one’s gonna be deactivated with the sound of a gun cocking
haven’t we already done that?”
“yes but we’re running out of separate way’s to shut them down
anyways, werewolves can’t get picky about how they work can they?”
I know what they’re gonna do to me now, they were going to turn me
into a werewolf and apparently I was gonna work just like James. I
didn’t really care for becoming a werewolf, but still, if I did my
life would never be the same.

Chapter 8:werewolf ?XIII

they came up to me. I opened my eyes and jerked my arms, breaking the
restraints. I also jerked my legs. breaking those, I jumped off the
table and kicked the scientist holding the magnum, knocking him
unconscious. I went in for the punch at the scientist with the
syringe, punching him in the face also knocking him unconscious. I
felt a sharp pain in my chest. It was the syringe, completely
injected. I slowly got dizzy and then passed out. In my
unconsciousness I felt like I was getting thrown around and slammed
down. I felt a really sharp pain on my side. suddenly I woke up in
the middle of a forest, my side was hurting. I checked it and there
was a mark. it was ?XIII. it happened. I had become a werewolf. now
to find out how to control it. The first thought I had was to go to
York, so that’s what I did. when I got to Freelancer H. Q., Wash was
still in charge. I went to him and asked “hey Wash do you know where
York is”
“oh hey Jerry, yeah I do. he’s uhh why don’t you have a shirt on and
why are your shorts all ripped and why are you covered in blood?” he
replied a bit worried
I just said “do you want the long version or the short version?”
he said “um the short version”
“well, I was sitting at home when H.A.D.E.S. broke in and took me to a
facility in the mountains. I broke free but got knocked unconscious
and now I’m a werewolf” I explained
he replied, a bit shocked “oh my gosh! that’s why you needed to see
York, well it turns out I’m the one who helped out York with being a
werewolf, so what do ya need”
“well I’m wondering how t..” I started to say
Wash interrupted “well first, lets get you cleaned up and get you some
clothes okay”
“okay, I think that’s probably the best starting point” I said looking
at myself.
while we were walking wash asked “so how long has it been since you
were here, three years?”
“yeah, just about” I answered
he then asked “so how old are you now?”
I responded saying “twenty-two last time I checked”
“so we’ve known each other for six years. it’s amazing how fast time
flies by, and you’ve also grown quite a bit” Wash said with a chuckle
looking me over.
the last time I saw Wash, I was as tall as him. now I almost tower
over him, being almost as tall as York.
after I got cleaned up and got some new clothes, I went with Wash to
his office and he asked
“so what happened exactly”
“well I was at my house writing a book and suddenly some H.A.D.E.S.
soldiers broke in and tranqed me. when I woke up I was in the back of
the hog. we were driving up a mountain. I was able to break free and
get a disguise but while I was looking around, there was a standoff
between me and another soldier. when out of no where a big soldier
came and knocked me unconscious when I woke up from that two
scientists were in the room and one was about to inject me but I broke
loose again and knocked them out after that I noticed a syringe which
had the serum in it injected into my chest then I blacked out soon I
woke up in the middle of no where” I explained showing him my tattoo
in the end
“oh my gosh your a new OV I didn’t know they would do this” Wash
replied while leaning back in his chair with his hands on his face and
groaned which suddenly made my feel a bit energized and angry just
then I realized that was the activation and Wash just activated my
“inner werewolf” then I gripping my chair trying to stay in control
making a slight growl got Wash’s attention all he said was
“you okay man”
I then said to him with a growling tone “Wash RUN”
Wash got the message, he immediately got up and ran through the door
than shut it and hit a button to
lock it (it’s one of those metal slidey doors) he then fell back and
leaned on the wall. Back in the room I was trying hard to keep it from
activating but it did I stood up completely enraged I grabbed the
chair and threw it at the door and the chair shattered Wash didn’t
even hear it I walked up to the door and hit it hard it only dented a
little Wash heard it and said
“you’re never getting thro...”
I hit the door breaking a hole in it and interrupting Wash then he
said in a scared response
“ah crap, running time”
there was a chase between me and Wash all through the halls somehow I
was still conscious and I knew exactly what was going on it was like
someone else was in control of my body, I tried as hard as I could
to hold it back so no one would get hurt, soon I felt some kind of
ache I was back in control but barely
I stopped and punched the walls gripping them and slid my feet to the
walls to hold my self back I knew exactly what needed to happen I
tried to talk to Wash saying
“Wash… get.. tranqs… NOW”
Wash heard me and said “got it, stay in control Jerry I know you can”
he was right I could hold on to control over myself but I was
struggling to do it while I was waiting for Wash a new agent came by
she I could barely make it out but she had green fur, brown hair, she
was wearing a red jacket which looked like it would fit me, and she
had lavender eyes which were easy to see through her glasses she
walked up and since I was blocking the hall she said
“excuse me”
that’s when Wash ran back and said to the girl “watch out Georgia, oh
Georgia perfect I’ll need you soon but still watch out”
Georgia then stepped out of the way behind Wash and then he loaded the
gun and cocked it I then just passed out it was exactly what I planned
I never wanted him to shoot me which he didn’t he just lowered the gun
and went to get York and Maine so they could carry me (they were the
biggest one’s in the facility and the only one’s that can carry me) to
an empty room which I was left in till I woke up.

Chapter 9:Agent Georgia

when I woke up Wash was in my room I think he was waiting for me to
wake up so I asked
“how long have you been there”
“well I’ve sat and waited anytime I got” he said
I responded asking “how long was I asleep”
“well almost three days” he answered
“really, hey who was that one girl that was there when I passed out” I asked
he responded “oh that was Agent Georgia, she actually knows the most
about werewolves”
“wait I thought Georgia died, and was a guy” I said a bit shocked
“he did, which I for some reason know nothing about, and he was, a guy
I mean, this Georgia’s new” he clarified
I responded now understanding “oh, okay I get it now”
“well I’m gonna get her and let you talk” Wash said then got up to go
get Georgia so we could talk about my “situation” when he left I got
up and changed my clothes and that’s when Georgia came in and said
“so your a werewolf and that’s why you didn’t move in the hallway before”
I responded a bit shyly “yeah, sorry I was trying not to think of
anything except for staying there”
“oh it’s okay, so you can somewhat control yourself while it’s
activated” she said
I answered “well no, but before we get any further my name is Jerry”
and I put out my hand
“oh, uh, my name is savana” she said timidly and put her hand out
I then grabbed her hand and said “good to meet you, so Wash say’s you
know the most about werewolves and stuff that has to do with them”
we then shook hands and she said “well yeah sort of but just normal
one’s I haven’t seen an OV before so here’s my chance”
“okay so there are two types of werewolves, normal and OV, what does
OV stand for” I then said
“well OV stands for Omega Variant hence OV” she answered
“oh, now whats the difference between an OV and a normal werewolf” I asked
she clarified “okay, a normal werewolf has a symbol than XIII
depending on which one they are, and an OV has a symbol related to
Omega’s like yours it’s the lowercase of the symbol omega with some
other things but it’s a variant of omega hence again Omega Variant”
“oh I get it but are there any big differences like speed, strength,
or quotations intelligence”
she answered “yes an OV is stronger and faster than a normal werewolf
but their intelligence level is only that of the person who has been
“okay I get it now so if I was a normal werewolf I wouldn’t have been
able to punch through the door of Wash’s office but since I’m an OV it
was easier” I said acting like I understood
Wash then stepped in and said in a serious then sarcastic tone “no,
that door was flattened back into the shape it had before you broke it
and was tested for durability, it was shot by a tank and did not
the thing is you are just a freak of nature. (Wash then hit me on the
shoulder) Maine, York, and Wyoming sent me up here to get you when
they heard what happened and the results of the durability test, they
wanna have a contest to see who’s stronger you or them”
I then said surprised and excited “well Georgia I guess we’ll have to
talk later”
“I’m guessing that’s a yes” Wash said
“yes it is” I clarified excitedly

Chapter 10:contests and accidents

Wash took me to the mess where everyone who wanted to see this event
were gathered. My first opponent was North. I thought it was just the
three guys, but nope. Anyways, me and North had an arm wrestle. the
easiest test it wasn’t really a fair fight. I got him down in almost
seven second’s (Wash was timing it). next was Wyoming, he was a bit
harder. it took twelve second’s for him. still easy, then York, he was
pretty hard. thirty-three second’s, then Maine. I almost gave in on
him but I didn’t. I beat Maine in one minute and fourty-three
second’s. Next we did push contest. I said no to doing it with North
and Wyoming cause I didn’t wanna hurt them on accident but I did do it
with York and Maine. the goal was to get the other person to the edge
of the circle that the other agents made. York was first, this one was
sort of easy. York almost had me but then I pulled through and won.
next was Maine, I definitely thought he was gonna win this one but no,
after York I decided to go as hard as I could on Maine. when we
started we just slid our claws on the ground a bit and stood in about
the same place we started then I broke out and pushed as hard as I
could make myself, Maine tried to push back but he just scratched the
ground a bit and I won. I was completely out of breath and both my
arms and legs were sore I had to stop before continuing. The next test
was tug of war. Wash got a good sized rope and put a gun (unloaded of
course) on the ground in the middle. I got on one side and North,
Wyoming, and Wash (he gave the timer to York cause he wanted to try)
pulled. I think you already know how this ends so let’s get to the
next part. all the guys (Wash, York, Wyoming, North, and Maine) were
on one end and I was on the other we started pulling I held pretty
good but suddenly I heard North groan which activated it. I
immediately dropped the rope causing them all to fall backwards
then I said feeling it happening.
“Wash… probleahh… rrrrrrrrr…...”
Wash immediately got up and said “quickly everyone out of the room,
and York get me a gun quick”
York responded shocked “your not gonna shoot him are ya”
Wash then responded angered “YORK, NOW!”
everyone was out of the room except for Wash and North. North got
knocked out when he hit the ground. now he’s just laying there
unconscious, since he was the one who activated it, he was the first
target. I tried holding it back but it didn’t work, Wash noticed me go
for North so he ran and was going to jump onto and tackle me, but
something he didn’t expect happened. right as he jumped for me I
grabbed him, holding him by the neck I just lifted him up, and that’s
when York ran in with the gun, he saw me holding up Wash and he cocked
the DMR he had and held it up then shot once. I started to go
unconscious but it was like I was trying to fight it. I dropped Wash
and passed out, leaving me and North lying there on the ground and
Wash sitting there rubbing his neck and catching his breath since I
was holding him up choking him. When I woke up Wash, North, and
Georgia were sitting on a bench they put in my room, I tried to get up
but Wash stood up and put his hand on my chest then said
“just stay down you need to heal”
I looked at my chest which had bandages on it and said “what happened”
“well when we were doing the tug of war, and North here activated you”
Wash answered
“did anyone get hurt” I asked a bit shocked and worried
Wash answered again “other than me, no”
“really what’d I do to ya” I asked
“well you near choked me to death, my neck’s still hurting from that”
Wash answered, rubbing his neck.
“oh, sorry” I said feeling a bit bad.
“oh, it’s fine. you didn’t know. Well we better leave so you can do
whatever you need to” Wash said.
after that Wash, North, and Georgia left the room and let me get
dressed and a bit caught up.
It was about noon. near the time when we would have dinner. I went to
the mess and sat down at one of the tables. It looked like York came
down and decided to wait as well. I got up and went to go sit by him.
“hey, how are ya doing”I said.
“well I’m not feelin’ to well but it’s fine, how about you?” he asked.
I answered “I’m doing good other than having a strap around my chest”.
“sorry, it’s just you were choking Wash and it was all happening so
fast, and” he said.
then I interrupted and said “it’s fine, anyways, you only kind of
clipped me and then hit me, but not in a very bad area”
York then said “wait I only shot once, so who shot the other one?
here show me the other wound.”
I took York to my room and showed him the wounds. one was on the edge
of my chest above my hip and the other was on my side. it cut straight
through, which left a small etch on my side. It was replaced by a
small metal chunk. it looked somewhat like the end of the bullet broke
off and lodged itself there. it had a small flashing light on it so
me and York decided to take it out of my side.
We went to the medical bay to have it taken out. all they did was
completely numb the spot and cut it out, pretty simple. York and I
took it to the analysist’s. when they were done they said it was a
tracker. it looked like someone was hunting me.

Chapter 11:tracking a hunter

when me and York found out what the metal thing was we went straight
to Wash and asked if he wouldn’t mind me and York searching for this
mystery chupa he let us. he gave an unloaded magnum to York to help
with me just in case. Me and York decided to go down to the docking
bay and get a hornet to go and track down this mystery chupa. how we
were going to do this, is we were going reverse the tracking on the
tracking device so instead of the tracker tracking it, it would track
the tracker. Woah, that was hard but back to what we were talking
about, me and York set off tracking this mystery chupa, strangely it
led to a small shack like building on the edge of a cliff. we landed
the hornet and went to the building. This building wasn’t very big. it
about the size of one or two of the rooms at Freelancer, and it looked
like a laboratory. it had tables with computers, scanners, test tubes,
and many other sciency things he also had a giant tank (like in star
wars 6) which had some chupa in it, he was a werewolf, a normal one.
Then we noticed another tank next to it. it had a note on it that said
‘Reserved for ?XIII’. That was me. Me and York were right. I was being
hunted. I looked at York and whispered “it’s for me.”
“I can see” York said, worried for me.
I thought about something and said “wait, if we tracked the signal
back here than...”
York interrupted saying “...than that means he’s here.”
a small chupa about the size of Wash that had light gray fur, black
hair, and wearing a full suit of black armor, jumped out onto one of
the tables behind us holding two DMR’s, one pointed at me and the
other at York and said
“you guessed it right boy’s, now who gets it first?”
“woah, woah, don’t shoot!” York said shocked.
the gray chupa jabbed his gun towards York “not, an answer.”
“woah, okay fine” York said jerking back.
the gray chupa swung his gun to the left and said “move, slowly.”
me and York started walking. I leaned forward and whispered to York
“stub your foot and groan.”
“what?” York whispered back
“just do it” I whispered
York then stubbed his foot on one of the table’s and let out a painful
groan then I Just let the werewolf take over, but the gray chupa with
the rifle’s was quicker than I thought right as lunged at him he shot
me with a tranq gun and I passed out. When I woke up I was tied to a
chair and had handcuffs on and I saw York tied to a chair, the gray
chupa was standing by a big console, he then spun around in his chair
and said,
“so your finally awake, well mostly, see I tranqed you then I
completely numbed you and your friend over there so don’t even… oh so
your not gonna take my advice” he finished seeing me attempt to brake
free, he stood up grabbed his magnum and put it to my head
“don’t even try”
“what do you need me for” I asked
“oh, so you’ve decided to talk now, well you’re an OV, but OV’s are
normally from the original pack and you’re not so that means they’re
making newly advanced werewolves” he answered
“you didn’t answer my question, why do you need me” I said getting angry
“I don’t but you broke my tracker, and they aren’t cheap to make” he
said setting the magnum down
I then snapped the cuffs and the ropes, jumped up, grabbed the small
chupa, picked him up and said
“well then it looks as though you’ll not have to make another one
since you’re coming with me”
after that I woke up York and let him loose. I tied the gray chupa to
the side seat of the hornet, York decided to sit on the side as well
for safety.

Chapter 12: a sad goodbye

when we returned Wash was waiting in the hanger so I landed and asked
“have you been waiting for us this entire time”
“no but I have been here for a little bit” Wash answered
“well what is it you need” I asked
“the guys in the lab said they’ve got a teleporter set up and need
someone to walk through and test it” Wash answered again
“and no one wanted to risk it so you waited till I got back to ask me,
well in that case yes” I said
“well your on point for all of them so let’s get going” Wash said
me and Wash then left the hanger and went to the lab (York said he
would take the prisoner to a cell)
to do this teleporter thing out. When we got there Wash showed me were
the teleporter was which was when I gave him a case with a disk in it
and told him
“Wash if it doesn’t work play this, but only to yourself got it”
Wash took hold of the case and said “okay but that’s probably not gonna happen”
I chuckled and said “well go get them ready Wash, we don’t have all
day you know”
Wash then left and got the scientists and some other freelancers that
wanted to watch ready then Wash said to me through the com system
“okay your gonna go in and you should come back onto that red x but if
you don’t press the button on that device I gave you got it”
I noded yes and then Wash said “okay 3… 2… 1… go”
I then went into the teleporter and was gone.
One hour later when Wash realized I probably wasn’t coming back he
went into his office and but the disk I gave him into a small device
and played it, it had me talking saying
“well Wash I gave this to you knowing I probably wasn’t going to see
you ever again even though there is a chance I could see you again
unless I’m dead I’m going to tell you this fact which I’ve realized
over the years. I have noticed that in all movies, books, story’s,
legends, or anything with a hero that the friends of the hero, the
people of the land so say, pretty much everyone but the hero
themselves get to see the results of what the hero did. I am not
calling myself a hero I’m just saying that the hero never really gets
what he deserves, he may get a statue or something named after him but
that’s really not filling, really what I’m trying to say is the hero
doesn’t get to himself, now ain’t that a….”
the recording trailed off with a static noise which had Wash just drop
the device, and lean back in his chair looking up to the ceiling of
his office then saying
“we’ll all miss you Jerry”
Wash then fell out of his chair crying then looking over he saw the
device then heard it play one more thing before fizzling out
“this is only just the beginning of the story.”…………….

Red vs Blue © Rooster Teeth. Halo © 343 Industries. Concept by Myshu, assisted by The Department of Chupapology.

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