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by Hartley Harms

Day 1.
I arrived today in Qoppa. My handler told me to travel to a waystation located on the border of Stigma. From there I was picked up and Iím being brought to the Freelancer Division HQ. Iíve never been more bored in my life. It was nothing but flat desert. I never saw much more of it when I was in Stigma years ago. Iíve decided to document this since I havenít journalled anything in a number of years. I feel like it would be good to leave a record for me to look back on.

Day 2.
We finally made it. Iím laying in my new quarters now after a long orientation. The facility is a lot like the Episemon SSF branch. Lots of fun toys, but nothing as cool as we have back home. I was greeted by an old friend, Lina, whom I hadnít seen since she was younger when Freelancer was doing a recruitment drive after I dealt with Stigmaís takeover. It was good to see an old, familiar face again. She told me her father was the one running the program. If Director Church is anything like his daughter then Iím sure things will be pretty smooth.

Day 5.
The Director has been working me pretty hard lately. I finally caught a break to write, but the last few days I would get back to my bunk and just collapse. Heís still caught up on enhancing the subjectsí senses to be more like mine. Heís had me doing all sorts of reflexive tests and Iím supposed to be the control. The formula has started to take shape and we can see the effects in the rats weíve tested it on, but itís still not quite there. It only works in about half of the rats. My hypothesis is that itís a metabolic difference, but thereís no way to know for sure at this time.

Day 6.
Weíve finally been given the weekend to relax. I got to spend the day with Carolina and we caught up on what we had been up to, or at least SHE caught me up since pretty much all of my work is classified. She introduced me to her pal, York, someone she met in Freelancer after he joined. We spent the weekend in rec exercising and I made dinner for us. They said it was the first time theyíve had any actual food in months since itís just been MREs thanks to budget cuts for Churchís project. I donít mind going out of pocket for requisitions and it seems a lot of the Freelancers here were pretty happy with my cooking too. Iíve never been terribly social, but I have to admit this has been pretty nice.

Day 7.
I spent the day in the training center again. I hadnít had a chance to work out in a long time, not since I was back home in Episemon. Carolina and I sparred a bit and we both could tell I was rusty. Iíll have to practice some more, but I have a bad feeling that the Director will get me to redo those control tests again. They really took a lot out of me. As much as Iíve trained with it over the years I still canít use my ability for more than a few minutes at a time without almost passing out and he had me at it for two days. Iím getting ahead of myself though. Iíll just keep these training and sparring sessions a secret for now.

Day 17.
We finally had a breakthrough! The Director and I were spitballing solutions to the compatibility problem and I accidentally used an old flask that held some Radium in it. It was never fully cleansed but all of the subjects started displaying the proper sensory enhancement. The radioactivity is definitely an issue that needs to be solved, but at least we now know what works. Slight amounts of gamma radiation was the key all along.

Day 18.
Heís already talking about when we can start full trialsÖ

Day 23.
I donít think I can talk him down anymore at this point. Heís set on forming the first pack. Iíve been doing my best to quell eager volunteers, but it seems heís pushing the schedule forward.

Day 30.
I found something I probably shouldnít have. He was there all those years ago. He was in Sampi at the prison facility. It all makes sense now. My handler with the House told me that he was insistent on bringing ME on. I found copies of research data dating back about 20 years that refers to a codename Azazel, MY old codename. The SSF made sure that all of these records were destroyed after the Sampi facility was raided and liberated. The only possible way the Director has access to any of this was if he was there, at some point, during those five years when I was held prisoner.

Day 35.
The air around the lab is unbelievably heavy. He knows I found that research data but he hasnít said anything to me about it. I can tell just based on his body language alone.


Day 98.
Weíve managed to get the general toxicity of the formula down further. I canít keep the Director from beginning full trial at this point. Itís still far too dangerous. He hasnít even told me who is in the first batch. I heard that there were 12 candidates but that was it.

A few pages with days and a bit of text on each were scribbled out. There were about 4 pages of failed attempts of entries.

Day 179.
I canít take it anymore. I had to start writing again. If anything I need to get this off of my chest. It has been nearly a quarter since their deaths. Ramos, Victor, KaijaÖ They gave their lives for this. They died in vain... I wasnít able to protect them. Now all I can think about is Lina. The Director insisted she would be Alpha I, and sheís up next for implantation. I tried my best to dissuade him, but that bastard is so insistent. I secluded myself in my quarters for two days and threatened to quit the project. There were still many things that he couldnít do without my help, but when he brought up Lyra and what could happen if I disobeyed, I realized I had no choice. Even though Iím a House agent he still carries a lot of weight with the priesthood. Iíve been trying to keep myself from getting attached to any of the candidates. This is a death sentence. They all died of an overdose of the formula. There just isnít any way to regulate the dosage properly, and he doesnít want to stop. Heís determined to keep going until he gets it right. The Director wants them to be remotely activated. We developed a pump based off of insulin pumps that diabetics wear but theyíre too imprecise. Even with the radioactivity reduced the chemicals are far too toxic to be injected.

Day 180.
Heís having me brainstorm solutions to the toxicity. I told myself that I wouldnít get attached but their names keep haunting me. Itís getting harder and harder to sleep.

Day 204.
We developed a sort of synthetic gland. Itís designed to propagate the formula. It gets surgically implanted into the neck and filled with the formula. Eventually the formula takes hold in the gland and it will produce more of itself as well as self-regulate the dosage. On top of that Church has devised a way of activating it. Heís been working on sensory cues that turn on and shut off the subjects. It works in the rats so thereís a strong possibility that it will work here too. I hope someone finds this journal. I have a sinking feeling that Iíll be dead by the end of this. The people need to know whatís happening here. Iíve been planning my defection now. I canít let this go on.

Day 247.
Sheís gone...

Day 258.
Alpha Pack was a failure.

He wants moreÖ

He took his own son. Heís been sent away now. Thereís some politics involved with this that I canít even begin to understand. Iíve been left in the dark with so much lately after that security breach and the things I found.

Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta, Epsilon. Iíve had so many people, so many names. I go over each and every one of them in my head. Theyíre all different experiments. The name ďwerewolfĒ is being thrown around. The treatment is inhumane. Heís having us torture these people. The training and conditioning is making me sick. Itís almost exactly what I went through all those years ago.

He suggested more packs. There arenít any more Freelancers willing to sign up and a number have already quit, so Church has started snatching up Army recruits. He and I have managed to get the toxicity down enough that almost anyone can be implanted without significant risk, but that isnít saying much. We both know that this formula is a death sentence. Anyone implanted with this thing is going to die.

He forced me to make a new pack. He called it ďTheta.Ē He has been taking orphans and gathering them here in the facility. This monster wants to put innocent children through this hell.

All this time I had been thinking of my sister, the only blood I have left. I canít let anything happen to her, but now all I can think about are the names. We have created well over 500 now. Iíve memorized each and every one of their names. Delta has been the largest Pack, by far.

I found a way to extract these kids. The guards in the brig hate the idea too and theyíre willing to help with the exodus. I even found someone to take them in so I can properly rehabilitate them. Weíre taking them to Episemon, far out of Lionelís reach. After Iíve cured each and every one of these kids Iím going to start with everyone else. I donít think I can rest until Iíve cured each and every one of them.

Day 432.
The exodus was a success, for the most part. Ashe and I were able to migrate the victims of Theta to Episemon. She has agreed to take them in and house them while I work on the rehab. Sheís decided to open it as an orphanage. They were all war orphans after all, so at least theyíll have families that can take care of them. Iíll make sure they have the proper care.
Lionel sent two from Delta after us, Joshua and Lindsay. They said they only came with a message from him. It was a video where he begged me to come back, but then played both Joshua and Lindsayís aural codes in an attempt to catch me off guard. I buried them outside of Stigma. Iím going to notify their families of what happened. Lionel Church will not get away with this.

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