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Freelancer Omega Reports

by Nova Draconus

Report 1 | Report 2 | Casual Aside

Report for Freelancer Omega
Squad stationed at Sampi Outpost Delta

Current Status: Occupied
Lieutenant Draconus: Shi'a Draco
Sampi Outpost Delta: Codename Snowblind.

Single outpost re-purposed for military defense, Snowblind is located in the perpetually snowy Sampi region of Sirca. Since the area only contained one singular outpost, the area was not considered as a suitable post for the Holy War, and as such is only registered as a Research Outpost.

Report follows

Sampi Outpost Delta, Status Report #001

Lieutenant Draconus reporting.
To be fair, being air dropped in the middle of a snow storm to a seculded snowbound outpost with only basic gear is less than enjoyable. To say the least when the orientation consists of the previous commander handing you a hand made book of 'regulations', shouting “Good Luck!”, then dashing up the ships' cargo ramp.

With that being said, once the backwash from the ships' jets died down, I made my way into the hangar. Despite the large complex, it's remote location left it to be quite understaffed, and under supplied. Not surprising, as the only other soldier that was posted here just left.

A quick look through the provided regs manual, I was glad to see a map and general overview of the Outpost. Of course being the only unit posted gave some perks, including first pick of the bunks. And after choosing what could be considered a commanding officers private quarters, close to the section marked “Command” but not what would be considered a Commanders' quarters, I had settled the basics of my gear at 1300.

Review of the worn manual proceeded over a lunch meal, many of the duties were routine. Keeping the base clean, maintaining equipment, proper reports. Many of the outposts' systems were automated, and Omega only knew what the monitoring equipment was for.

Lunch concluded with the howling of the snows outside. Following a quick inspection of the grounds, armory, and garage, I took time to write up this report. While it is doubtful it will be read by anyone of import, it is my hope to use this as a record of my posting at Sampi Outpost Delta.

Personal Notes:

Standard issue armor is not suited for the cold weather, I will have to look into requisitioning gear that is better suited for cold climates. Thankfully the Network access is unaffected by the weather, which means that supply drops and requisitions will be sent, but it's up to Command if they are approved.
In the meantime, the bases' stocks are sufficient for long term occupation. However it would seem that any personnel equipment is on an as-needed basis. So aside from the standard issue weaponry and gear I brought with, it would seem the dropships are the only way to get anything delivered.
I have however found a stockpile of Vodka. A bit strong for my taste, but that would lead me to assume the outpost has enjoyed trading with local civilans for sundries not supplied by command. I'll keep that in mind, If I ever get tired of the Standard Issue Sandwiches.

Day one patrol: Proximity sensors detected movement. Investigated to find a roaming beast using the relay as a scratching post. Shooed it away with a few rounds, no sense in wounding it. Will look into repellent options.

No further events of note.

Operations Report Week 2.
Lieutenant Nova
Sampi Outpost Delta

Week two of operational reports. It's quiet up here. When the snow isn't blowing, the outpost gets this unnatural quiet that not even the sound of the radio can push away. While most would enjoy the quiet, even with the entertainment options Command allows through the Network, it can get quite lonely.
Beyond that, daily training keeps my days occupied. From maintenance to daily exercises, from counting stocks to looking over atmospheric logs. Unfortunately things are getting somewhat tiring lately, given the constant routine. It makes the rare, unpredictable beast incursion somewhat of an event.
Thankfully most seem content to observe from a distance. Reading over logs, it seems that some previous soldier had set up a series of pest repellent devices, so the smaller ones don't get into the base. The larger ones... it just seems to annoy them more than anything. The perimeter beacons act as an early warning, as well as a kind of barrier grid. Seems that they act as an electric fence, but only against the more violent animals.

I wonder how they managed to get it to tell the difference.

Weather reports were sent automatically, not sure what the Priests of Omega want to know, what with the weather up here being unchanging ice and snow, but at least that system doesn't need fixing.

Found an Omega knows how old egg salad sandwich near one of the air ducts' surface exhausts. Either it was tossed away in a hurry, or someone was experimenting on sentient mold civilizations. Proper bio-hazard and incineration protocols used to dispose of offending material. Probably best if I keep an eye out for anything similar.

Confirmed supply drop for next week, will finally be getting some weather appropriate gear. I looked at some of the new armor styles Commands' R&D section has been working on, Sadly I have neither the Bucks nor the SR required for requisitions.

Maybe I could field test...? Nah, heard of a private who volunteered for that kind of thing... Rather not have some experimental energy pack blow up on me.

Combat logs:
2 Snow beasts
3 rabbits
1 Frost-hawk

No contact with civilians. Will make note to add some spices to the next drop, seems a mix of rabbit and beast meats simmer well with some of the dried vegetable ration packs.

Casual Aside

Nova gave a low groan as he stretched in his chair. The latest rounds of reports from the monitoring station had just been sent, he had gotten a small lead on his daily duties, and right now just needed a moment to breathe and stretch out.

Normally he'd have taken a quick walk around the base, but after a few weeks stationed at the Sampi Outpost had given him time to discover a few ways to make his routines a little easier. From the security systems both internal and external, to linking specific notifications to his armors' prototype gauntlet comp.

If something big came to the proximity sensors, his arm mounted computer would alert him with linked motion sensor data as well as selected cam feeds. Essentially allowing for faster threat-assessment. That includes internal proximity alerts... sadly that includes the small animals like snow-lops and Peeves that manage to sneak in for warmth and try to snack on any unsecured rations.

Kicking back from the console, Nova grunted as he half-spun in the wheeled chair. A full month had passed, that much time to think often goes to ones head, but thanks to the Network for television and the Sircan Network, keeping at least somewhat sane is relatively easy, especially with the Church of Omega's Priests and Priestesses who's duty it was to ensure the mental and spiritual health of all Chupadore who required it.

That and a series of judicial gene therapy options that included a rather balanced and calm mind, not overly prone to irrational thoughts.

Of course, some times what one really needs is a break from their work, to enjoy the simple things in life... Like setting the Military Comms to “Notify Only” and turn on the radio for some music.

As the next song came on, Nova grinned to himself as he started to move to the music. The sound of trumpets starting a simple melody got his hips swaying, tail flicking gently before the sound of a bass guitar began underscoring the beat.

As the song progressed, the white furred Chupadore soldier began to pace down the hallway, steps light and fluid with the beat. Drums began to accent the bass guitar, the melody becoming more complex with undertones he couldn't quite place.

Then came the lyrics.

His steps picking up, keeping time with the beat as he took bolder steps, breaking into a more animated dance as the music thumped gently around him. Matching time with the chorus, clapping his hands in time with the songs' prompts.

Sure he might have looked silly, but it was a small luxury he enjoyed for the sake of breaking routine, and enjoying the day. Passing by some of the thick windows, he noticed that the sun was shining down on the frozen landscape, fresh snow glittering like precious stones that, coincidentally, flickered and glinted in an echo of his dance down the hall.

As he reached the central elevators, the song reached a slow section, calming his energized dance to something more sedate for a time. A half-strut, half-march series of steps during that section. While the tempo was still pretty lively, he managed to make it fit the music.

Of course that lasted until the buildup and “Drop” which obviously resumed the earlier energized moves that carried the Chupa further down the hallway.

Careful steps, pivoting on digitigrade feet. Keeping balance and pace with the song as he grinned to himself.

“'Cause you don't even Know!”

Again, the chorus' clapping encouraged Nova's own claps, tail swaying behind him as he moved to the groove. Embellishing a few spins to his movements as he reached the Observation Levels spinward end, the song coming to it's end as he gives one last spin to bleed off momentum, blunted toe claws sliding against the decking as he chuckled.

Some times, all you really need is a good dance to a good tune to work the stiffness out.

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